Why do I need to learn CPR?

Simply put, lack of knowledge is the leading reason why people don’t act when faced with an emergency situation. This could be in medical emergencies or otherwise, such as a fire near you. If you have no idea how to react and save lives, then it’s fair to say that your inaction can cause more harm than good; even if you are not directly involved in the emergency circumstances.

But taking action means knowing what steps to do and following them effectively. This applies especially in situations where seconds matter. Some people may resort to panicking or acting without thinking clearly, which will only make the problem worse rather than solving anything immediately.

In many cases CPR training courses are designed to teach skills so laymen can provide help before professional rescuers arrive. While emergency personnel may have the skills to more effectively handle specific medical issues, they are not equipped with enough manpower all the time to respond right away when there is an incident. Having bystanders who know the basics of CPR can greatly help improve the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest and other kinds of emergencies involving respiratory or circulatory system problems such as drowning and hypothermia victims among others.

“Making sure that you will be able to do it right”

Some people may think that learning such skills is far from necessary because most cases should be treated by professional paramedics or EMTs. However, even if these professionals arrive on scene within 5 minutes after a disaster such as an earthquake has struck, it is possible for a person to lose their life while waiting for help to arrive. Basic skills such as CPR can be used in order to keep someone alive while they are being transported to the hospital and treated by healthcare professionals. If you know how to perform CPR, your loved ones will breathe easier knowing that there’s someone around who knows what these kinds of emergencies involve, and how best they should be handled.

“Being able to help out during an emergency”

Many people don’t realize this but the majority of people who suffer from cardiac arrest die before they reach the hospital even if professional medical assistance arrive to the scene. That’s why you need to know how to do CPR so that if the time comes, you can quickly and correctly give CPR to whoever needs it.

“Being able to help yourself or loved ones”

If you learn how to perform CPR for adults, infants, children, and even pets, the knowledge will come in very handy when emergencies strike. You may save a life by performing simple CPR techniques on someone who is choking or suffering from heart problems. That’s why learning these techniques now is something everyone should consider.

“Recognizing warning signs before a medical emergency happens”

Knowing how to administer CPR can help you recognize when something’s wrong and act fast enough to not only prevent a cardiac arrest from happening, but also before the situation gets worse. Certain signs may indicate that your loved one might be having an asthma attack or is experiencing a stroke, in which case you should have some knowledge of what to do until somebody with more skills arrives on the scene to provide further treatment. It all starts with being prepared, which could potentially save someone’s life.