Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your classes are taught by the trainers Fast CPR provides and compensates.  Fast CPR is a local 501(c)3 service organization that was put together with support from thousands of our local students to deliver and make classes available to the Hawaii public efficiently and effectively.  Our goal is to improve Hawaii’s Health, Safety and Employment Outlook.

Founders of Fast CPR have been involved in the education and training services industry for the past 30 years and we have taught these sort of classes in Hawaii for the past 20 years.

We know in Hawaii sometimes your employer’s hiring decision, your pay check, your life, your future, your career, your ability to clock in and out at work and your livelihood all depend on you getting to an employer a specified National Brand of BLS or CPR Card after finishing a course.  There are two big national brands with major resources in the country.  It is usually one national brand or the other that has made its way into the employers’ paperwork, not both.  If a different brand is written in your employment paperwork than the brand that is listed within our CPR or BLS class listings, or if your employer recently switched brands, you should just let us know.  We can get you in contact with a local instructor that can get you the class and the brand of card your employer wants, in a timely, efficient manner.  Life will go on.  As your tiny little local 501(c)3 Hawaii organization, we want everyone to be able to continue to work, live and stay alive in Paradise regardless of which brand is listed on their paperwork.  Mahalo for your support and Mahalo for sending us your friends.

Educational materials are included with your course.  If you have purchased a traditional classroom course, the books are given at the start of the class.  You take it home.  If you purchased eLearning, book is within the online course.  We do not distribute photo copies or give direct links.  All items are authentic materials from the distributor.

Classes can be easily scheduled at our main scheduling page, Scheduling at our website is most convenient way to get into a class, with minimal steps. Scheduling at the website guarantees your seat and upon payment, you will get a confirmation email at the email address you have provided. If you call to schedule, this takes more administrative steps and the payment will need to be received ahead of time to guarantee your seat. Unless you want to go through extra processes to keep from risking flying on standby to meet your job requirement, we suggest signing up at our website to secure your reservation with a payment that can be made using all major credit and debit cards.

We offer One Free Courtesy Reschedule if we receive 24 hour notice prior to time of the original scheduled class. If you must reschedule, please first check available dates and times by going to Our strict policy is that rescheduling gets done by email, through replying to the previous confirmation email with the new preferred date and time as picked from our schedule. Please use the email title “Rescheduling My Class” so the right administrative processes can be conducted. To better serve the needs of those that reschedule repeatedly, each reschedule will be assessed $25 rescheduling fee. If you missed the 24 hour free reschedule deadline, or if needing to reschedule over and over for a single class attendance, please still follow the above process through email. We will reply with a rescheduling payment link and re-start the administrative processes.

A student can cancel class enrollment 15 days before the start of the class without penalty. If a cancellation occurs after this stated time, the following amounts are deducted from the original payment:

  • 10% from 8 to 14 days before class starts;
  • 25% from 3 to 7 days before class starts;
  • 50% from 1 to 2 days before class starts;
  • 100% from 0 to 0 days before class starts or 1 day after class starts

No refund on AHA products such as eLearning, eCards, or eBooks.

Please read the course descriptions listed on our schedule. Talk to your employer regarding the particulars of the class they require you to take. Look at your employment paperwork your employer provided you to see the type of class they wanted you to take. Read your state licensing requirements to see what is listed there for the class type. Call us at 548-7711 if you are not able to find answers to your questions through your employer or through the “proof of training” requiring body that is making you take the classes we offer.

Yes.  Fast CPR has several mobile teams and a fleet of vehicles that travel to business locations on Oahu.  To book an on-site class for groups of 6 or more at your business facility, just click a date and a time that is at least 48 hours into the future on our on-site class calendar, finish the reservation steps and that’s it.  Our teams will take care of the rest.  On the calendar listings we have even included the candid details about on-site training, especially for those who want to read it.  For more questions, feel free to call our business training division at (808) 548-7711 ext 4.

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