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Welcome to Fast CPR,™ Honolulu Hawaii based 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving Hawaii's Health, Safety and Employment Outlook.  Fast CPR Training Center™ in Honolulu has Healthcare Provider BLS Classes,  First Aid CPR AED Classes,  Allied Health Career Courses,  Skills Training Courses for Job Preparedness to help you with your employment needs and career prospects in Hawaii conveniently, effectively and efficiently.  

Fast CPR™ Training, Fast CPR™ Events, Fast CPR™ Education Programs save lives and livelihoods while keeping Hawaii Working towards a better, healthier future, Here is our facility schedule.   Individuals can take a class at our downtown facility, but we are also all over Oahu with Onsite Group Classes for Business, where ever you need us.  Our institution is run by Health and Wellness advocates in the State of Hawaii who are Educators, and Healthcare Practitioners with decades of experience.   There is more to us than CPR because Fast CPR is also an allegory for helping individuals succeed and get passed the dead-end barriers that get in their way to a better life, livelihood and living. Say goodbye to the hassles of ineffective training, our focus is on helping you!  Nothing beats convenience, effectiveness and clarity of Fast CPR™ Classes!

A Proud History of Helping People of Hawaii Through Effective Educational Programs:
 We have been in the heart of Hawaii Education and Training industry for decades.  Through our involvement in the community, Fast CPR™ Instructors have trained tens of thousands locally!  We get down to the basics, and we actually teach!  After putting in a life time teaching, we know boredom and stiffness is over rated in the education and training industry.  We know how people learn.  Learning is fun at FastCPR™   Join the army of well trained people we put into the Hawaii Population.   Read about our mission.  We are working together to make a difference, please Like, support, donate or volunteer.   Book your Training Today.
Educational Excellence Recognized Statewide!  Award winning program director, recognized by Hawaii State House of Representatives for his outstanding contributions to Education in Hawaii!  Thank you for your support and thank you for sending us all your friends.  
Prevention as main focus for Longevity:
 Take care of your Health and Save Your Career with Fast CPR™  We will show you how!  See what's Happening at our Health Education Center.


 Have you saved a life with Fast CPR?  We want to recognize you and let the world hear your story.  Read about FAST CPR HEROES AWARD.
 - Looking for Fastest CPR classes?  Each month we purchase a ton of AHA Online classes to make them available to public in Hawaii.   Check out Fast, Efficient, Online Blended eLearning Classes Here!  Skills training and testing in our office, the card in your hand as soon as you are done!  

- Giving our best to the Industry and to the consumer.
 As a federally recognized 501(c)3 actually designed to bring excellent training to the community, we are truly blessed to be able to get vendors cards in consumers hands in Hawaii with CPR and related courses, through the venerable channels.  Thank you for appreciating our efforts.  Please take a course - that will cover the partial cost, and buy lots and lots of books. In return for everyone's devotion and love (including ours), we get to meet the public demand, actually train people, be a vessel of happiness to both vendors and consumers as we spend thousands of hours teaching, doing administrative tasks, helping population through our efforts and hard work.  It is not easy, it takes team work.  You are part of the team.  Thank you for your support, together we make a change.

- What we do is about INCREASING LIFE!  That means also helping people that are perfectly alive and well enough to attend classes.  A growing trend in the training Industry!  Caring about well being, convenience and learning experience of those taking classes!  It is about learning and education for real, not about testing peoples patience! 



*Use of AHA course materials in a course does not mean sponsorship by AHA.  Only money AHA gets is from the course materials.  
*At FAST CPR the only financial, emotional or educational support we get is from the people who love our classes and appreciate the thousands of hours of human labor we put into teaching, into administrative functions and into phone support, as we help the community with timely, effective and efficient training.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the certification providers, to their book, eLearning and card distribution channels, to our teachers, to our call center personnel, to our administrative staff, to our education center support staff, to our management team, to our corporate sponsors, to all our Hawaii volunteers and to all our dedicated students.  Thank you! 

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