BLS Certification Online (Partially Done Online)

AHA BLS Certification Online (Partially done online) $85

Training Venue: Fast CPR, 1188 Bishop St #1110, Honolulu, HI 96813, USA

This course still requires in person training.  However, in completing this course most of your time will be spent at home working on your computer.  There is no such thing as “All Done Online, never touch a manikin” AHA BLS Class that gets you the authentic AHA BLS card (AHA product # 15-3001).

There is way more detail than what we can explain on the phone.  So, please read if you are interested in taking this course: 

Easy steps to complete the certification process:

  1. Register for FAST CPR’s American Heart Association BLS eLearning course from the schedule below.  Fee covers the all portions of the course, including skills testing.
  2. Complete the eLearning Course at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home.
  3. When you pass the eLearning course, print your completion certificate and bring it to FAST CPR to take the American Heart Approved Skills Training.
  4. Practice the skills on a rubber dummy (Part 2) and get tested (Part 3).
  5. Receive your two year American Heart Association BLS Provider card (AHA product # 15-3001) at the end of part 3 (skills test) at our office before you leave.

Why Do it?

This is the most flexible way to get your AHA Healthcare Provider BLS card (AHA product # 15-3001).  But you got to do part of the course ahead of time at home (Should take about an hour.  But where would training services industry be without disclaimers?  Everybody goes at their own speed, stop and start whenever they want throughout the online part.  Some like to totally take their time with it when they do it at work.  In some cases people tell us they got it done in a jiffy, but some folks tell us they had to work on it hours on end.  So times may be different).  After finishing the online part of the course, you come in to do the rest in our facility on the appointment date.  Upon passing the tests, you walk out with your BLS card in hand, in about an hour (This is training for physical skills and not an oven timer.  In the real world of training people, everyone’s skill is different, so times may vary).  The entire idea with this course is that you can do the substantial part of the course whenever you want, at home bonding with your computer and even in your pajamas.  Just so our students have this convenience, we spend ton of resources on the AHA BLS eLearning product # 15-1400, ton of resources on making it available to public and ton of resources on delivering the class.  Our students still get the official AHA BLS card at the end (AHA product # 15-3001), just like a traditional classroom only BLS Class.  But everyone still got to show up to our class and press those manikins to learn that physical skill associated with doing CPR!

The Process

This course must be paid for during the online registration.  Make sure you are using Correct Email Address.  Your payment receipt, Skills Session Appointment Date Confirmation and AHA eLearning Key Code will be emailed to you in a single email.  Please check your spam folder before calling us in panic!  You will use the AHA Key Code to complete the online segment of the course at AHA’s authentic website that is custom configured and assigned by AHA to our organization at:

Just a Heads up:   AHA gets the fee for eLearning upfront, but we can only give skills training and get you your BLS card (AHA Product # 15-3001) if you actually did the online learning all the way through.  If you feel you may be too busy to do the eLearning ahead of time or you feel you might have to quit midway or if you have a jinxed computer, please consider signing up for the regular classroom course instead.

Support:  eLearning is an AHA product.  If you are having technical issues, you can reach AHA by calling 1-888-242-8883 4:00 am to 1:00 pm Hawaii time, Monday through Friday.

Text Book:

Anyone on the planet can buy the eLearning product from the distributor, jack up the price few times and sell it on the internet without skills training and testing.  There are also many knockoff products in the training market.  In real life, for those doing it right, it takes local facilities, expensive equipment, many other product costs besides just the eLearning, administrative work, financial resources and ton of human effort to train people and get them that BLS card (AHA Product 15-3001).  At FAST CPR we will train you and you will have your card in your hand as soon as you pass the requirements at our facility!

ELECTRONIC TEXT BOOK IS ALSO INCLUDED WITH YOUR COURSE, SO NOTHING EXTRA TO BUY!  To access your textbook, just click that book icon that will be in your eLearning course.