Fast CPR Online Project

 This page only lists information about eLearning courses we purchase from American Heart Association in CPR and related subjects.  We use various other vendors and publishers of eLearning for our Allied Health Certification Courses and Health & Fitness Certification Courses.

Questions?  Check out our FAQ.


Upon purchasing AHA eLearning courses Here, you will get a confirmation email through our automated system (Please use correct email address when signing up and check your Spam folder).  
Your Course Key will be located on top of this confirmation email.  When you are ready to begin training, go to:

Above listed site is an authentic AHA website that is assigned to our institution by AHA.  We purchase thousands of dollars worth of AHA products and make it all available to the public through the assigned site.
So have no fear, you are at the right place accessing the authentic product!

 How to get into your course:
To get into your course, you must "Activate" the Course Key that was sent to you automatically by our institution.
 You will only be required to enter this key one time.  Type or paste the Course Key into the Activate Box (The number 0 and the letter O look similar. Please always use the number 0.)  The system will take you through the registration process and you will be able to access your course under my courses tab.   Please note that you can access this course from any computer that has an internet connection by going to 
 You will only have to register and activate a key the first time you enter the course; thereafter you can simply enter your email and password for entry.  The course will remain active for two years from the date of activation.  The program will time out after 20 minutes of no activity.  

Getting Technical Support:
Once you are assigned your course key by our institution, all technical inquiries about the AHA site usage, and course access should be directed to AHA at 1-888-242-8883.
If you are unable to reach AHA because of Mainland/Hawaii time difference, we will do our best to help you.  Please do not call our call center that is used for class reservations.  Call 457-6124 instead.  
AHA gets the e-Learning course fee directly, we can not give refunds on the e-Learning portion of your course.


E-books are different than E-Learning courses mentioned above.  E-books are electronic versions of existing AHA course manuals, they are not a online learning course.

Upon purchasing a AHA E-Book for your class Here, you will get a confirmation email.  Please allow 24 hours for your E-Book Access Code to arrive in a second email.  
To activate your Access Code(s) and gain access to your AHA eBook(s), please go to and follow these steps: 
Step 1:  Click on the Login button on AHA eBooks store website
Step 2:  Login/Registration page:  If you already have an AHA account, simply enter that username and password.  Upon successful login, you will have access to your eBooks Bookshelf.  If you have not registered with an AHA site previously, click the “Register with the AHA Today!” link.  On the registration screen, complete your registration information, accept the Terms and Conditions and click “Submit”.  You should be redirected to your AHA eBooksBookshelf page.  Note:  If you have forgotten your password, you can use the “Forgot Username or Password” link at the bottom of the Registration page. 
Step 3:  Once you are on the Bookshelf page, click the “Redeem Access Code” button.
Step 4:  Enter your Access Code in the Redeem Access Code field.  (Please do not include any spaces. Letters in the code should be capitalized). Then click the “Redeem” button and the appropriate eBook(s) will be placed on your Bookshelf page.  Happy Reading!

All Sales of eBook Access Codes are final.  eBook codes cannot be returned or exchanged. 
Please note that you can access your eBook(s) from any computer or device that has an Internet connection by going to You will only have to register and activate an Access Code the first time you open the eBook; after that, you can simply enter your username and password for access. 
Access eBooks online, offline or anytime through mobile devices and tablets by using the free AHA eBook reader apps available on iTunes and the Google Play store. Instructions to access the free AHA eBook readers are available in the AHA eBooks Store.

For those bringing mobile devices to our office:  We will not provide access to our secure WiFi.  If you do not have your own internet access, please download your book ahead of time.

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