First Aid CPR AED training on Oahu for Construction Contracts on Military Bases

If you work the construction industry in Hawaii, you may be already familiar with types of contracts, work, jobs etc. that take place on Oahu through various military contracts. Typically, construction and other contractors working on an Oahu military base must be First Aid CPR AED certified. You may also be familiar with their job site safety requirements. Your firm may already be working on such a contract in the construction sector in Hawaii, and you may be well-versed with Health and Safety requirements for such tasks. There are several Bases on Oahu such as US Army Fort Shafter, Hickam Airforce Base, Bellows Airforce Station, Naval Station Pearl Harbor, Marine Corps Base Hawaii at K-Bay etc.

Hawaii’s construction industry is enormous, with some of the construction and subcontracting activities taking place across Oahu at these sites and their associated components. Each construction job site may their specific requirements and very specific criteria’s, attending First aid, CPR, AED training being one of the fundamental requirements.

First Aid is defined as the initial care given to an injured person before medical personnel arrive at the scene. First aid includes such treatments as controlling bleeding, and helping people who are apparently well but show symptoms of shock, recognizing medical emergencies such as heart attack, stroke, seizures, diabetic emergencies, potential broken bones, list of many subject matters dealing with environmental emergencies, poisoning etc.

CPR is cardiopulmonary resuscitation – the combination of chest compressions, rescue breathing, and other measures to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures are taken to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person whose heart has stopped beating or to help some who has an abnormal heartbeat signifying that the heart is not able to pump the blood properly.

AED machines are a form of medical equipment that deliver a shock to the heart. Early use of the AED machines may increase the chance of survival.

Many courses offered in Honolulu combine training of First Aid, CPR and AED in a single session. There are various course delivery methods to take First Aid CPR AED training, including a combination of online and classroom instruction and a fully instructor-led course.