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Our program fees are lower than gigantic nonprofit entities with massive resources that offer the same type of training.  However, we offer thousands of classes to public in Hawaii, where as they may only offer just a few classes.  We are also in a market where many for profit businesses are saving lives and pushing products.  We are about education and we are about helping the community.  There are many costs associated with running our programs and program cost recovery fees we charge cover only a small part.  Your support makes things possible.

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"Promoting By the Book CPR"
Our Education Center has to have funds to be able operate  actual educational facilities (ie a real "center"), so people don't have to press manikins on park benches, public areas or have to sign up for classes where "minimal number of people per class" requirements have to be met in order for it to be held, sometimes causing "cram them all in one class effect," excessive class cancellations or causing Supply of classes that does not match public Demand.  Education Center also has to have funds to be able to offer affordable allied health certification courses, providing individuals training and certification opportunities never before possible, while helping individuals avoid high tuition, extreme student loans and debt that is typically associated with getting such training in Hawaii.  Education center needs to have funds to offer community classes that teach prevention.  

Education Center also provides Hawaii Instructors with a place to teach with proper equipment, and proper classes.  If you are an instructor, you can contact us and help us teach.

-Volunteers also needed in this department!  Advise from Hawaii Educators and Healthcare Industry Experts needed.

 Has to have funds: To be able to train, manage and maintain professional staff.  So when calling for CPR and related classes in Hawaii, individuals can actually get live operators that can answer questions 24/7, book classes for them etc.  instead of having to call private cell phones, voice mails and disconnected numbers.  That way individuals seeking classes don't have to wait days or weeks it sometime takes to get into classes.  This department has to have staff, volunteers, equipment, consistent means to manage calendars, department activities, statistics, performance, work flow, instructors, course assignments, cancellations, reschedules, re-issues, no-shows, bookings, call backs, rosters, compliance, filings and student records.  So the administrative matters relating to classes can get done in a timely manner for the community (ie. not the reported 3 month waiting times, not the expected "ok by the book" normal 3 weeks).

-Volunteers also needed in this department!  Management experts and advisers with 501(c)3 experience needed from the Hawaii business community. 

Because books and eLearning courses are a big part of the CPR industry, our Book Depot has to have funds to purchase educational materials (Books, eLearning etc.) from the mainland certification institutions ahead of time, and manage the inventory and distribution of these materials through volunteer efforts, so that these educational materials can be made available to public in Hawaii with out the regular price gauging, or expensive shipping costs that almost doubles the price of the manual if anyone wants to get a manual in Hawaii in timely manner to use in a CPR or related class.  Book depot is volunteer run effort to provide quality educational materials locally and all the proceeds from sales of books go to supporting and buying more books from mainland 501(c)3 organizations that provide us with curriculum for CPR and related courses.  They come up with stuff to teach and to teach with.  We do the teaching and make their materials available to the public.

-Volunteers also needed in this department!  Volunteer
- You can also buy some CPR books from Mainland 501(c)3 organizations directly, donate these to us as Donations in Kind.  AHA materials** are needed.  If you get us online courses from these folks, you would help us promote the Fastest cpr classes.
CPR Robot Manikins

In the CPR training world the change is inevitable, eventually we may all be made press on robots and get monitored by Robots.  Although your typical instructor is not skin over metal endo skeleton (We have been told some may be), non the less future is here.

The Rise of the CPR Machines
The CPR robot thing has not caught on yet, simply because today's CPR robot manikins are really really expensive (If you want to give us some robot manikins, please do!).  Although our human instructors love to teach classes and interact with other fellow humans in our classes, we sure don't want to be left behind when the robots take over the CPR training world.  
Before the rise of the CPR training machines, we would like to have an army of our own CPR robots operated by our flesh and blood, compassionate instructors to help our students. 
We hear robots are kind a sassy and unresponsive.  Many people we talk to say some of those robots out there absolutely stink.  So if we get some, we want good robots.
All robots we buy must know the first law:  They can't harm humans.
Today's, typical robot manikin costs 5K and up.
We like some.
This project is under development.  
Stay tuned for further details on exact robots and software needed.


Support Our Community Initiatives to at least slow down the revolving door in Hawaii!
Fast CPR to the Rescue:

 Prevention Education:
Hope, Chance,
Light at the end of The Tunnel:
   Large part of the Hawaii population is dying from preventable causes.  Obesity is an epidemic here in Hawaii*.  We think it's a good idea to get to the root of the problem.  On top of everything else, our experts also have backgrounds in Preventive Medicine.  We need more people to teach prevention through our Education Center.  Qualified MD's, L.Ac.'s, DC.'s and others are needed as guest lecturers.
Please email us for details.
Staying alive to work or working to stay alive in Hawaii?  Having two jobs in Hawaii is a common place for many, however for many two jobs doesn't even cut it.
We are trying to help fix that by offering affordable career certification training.  Funding needed.
Please email us for details.

Humans Helping Humans
"Hearts Full of Knowledge, Love and Compassion,
Not Gadgets or Products."

If you are looking at these pages, you are the type of person that wants to help others.  But you may be an exception and an exceptional person.  We need more people like you! In a society where many people don't even say "Hi" to each other in an elevator, and every time some one asks you "how are you?" you are expected to muster up a cheesy grin and say "Fine" because that is the only "acceptable thing";  what is the likelihood of someone pressing on someones chest if the person was dying? 
Doing the right thing for the benefit of another human being should be an easy choice.   Our community development programs address the real issues our society.  
More information on Pacific Heart Foundation Here



Ideas are dime a dozen, ideals with lots of pushing makes the change.  You got talent, we need people with different talents to help out.  Just let us know how you can help.  We need help with:
- TQM and process engineering.
- Grant writing and research.
- Market research and analysis.
- Statistical data gathering.
- Any other area of expertise expanding organizations would need in order to reach the Hawaii community effectively and efficiently.

We always need:
- Instructors.
- Office personnel.
- Individuals with technical know how:
   - Graphic designers.
   - Web geniuses.
   - PR Gurus.
Our educational programs can sure use:
- Your old laptop or desktop computer.

- More presentation equipment, projectors etc.
- Some more office equipment, printers, networking equipment etc.
- Few extra supplies.

Donate Goods!

*Hawaii State Department of Health findings on Obesity reported by KITV.

**Use of educational materials does not mean sponsorship by AHA.  Only money AHA gets is from sale of Educational Materials.  
***Fast CPR Does not make money off of sale of AHA educational materials, all the money for that goes to them.