When it comes to doing CPR, most people can do it in a class.
How many people can do it if it was an actual Human they are pressing on?
Rubber dummies are easy. But, can a person put their emotions aside and do CPR on their loved one?

They can, if they understand the principles of

Your Favorite Fast CPR Instructor getting ready to jump out of WWII C-47 Airplane at an international Airborne Event.

So what is tough?  We decided to find out from toughest hombres on planet. 
After meeting Special Forces Personnel and Airborne Commandos from all over the world,
learning from them, going through some of the grueling training and high intensity stuff they go through,
we found out state of mind has to do with most of it.  How much one can take and what one can do is based mostly on one's perception of reality and one's own expectations from self.
When conducting an operation, it is not the Force of one, but forces of many.  Everyone's strengths adds to the success of the Teams Mission.  There is no weakness in the Team, because Team members cover each others back.

We have trained thousands on How to do CPR.  We have done CPR on others.  We have heard real life CPR stories from many who have done it themselves.
It all came down to very much the same thing Special Forces Guys and Airborne Commandos taught us.
In emergencies and extreme situations same rules applied in the CPR world.
When CPR needs to be performed, perception stops one from taking action. In an emergency or an extreme situation mind controls everything, mind gives up when perception changes for the worse.
When mind gives up, logic, common sense, physical effort, procedures and protocols go out the window and things go bad.
The perceptions need to be consciously changed for the better to keep the mind strong.
People most of the time do only what they expect from themselves, not what is expected.
The enveloped needs to be pushed by the person themselves for one's expectations from themselves to change.
Usually, it is not a single hero that saves the day.
Only way to really get it done in most cases is as a Team.

Based on these concepts and many others we have put together the principles of FAST CPR TOUGH™ we teach through our community education classes and through FAST CPR FIT CHALLENGE™.

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