What is TQM?

Total Quality Management

TQM, also known as Total Quality Management, is the genius behind Fast CPR™.  TQM is made up of concepts and principles used by most innovative organizations worldwide.  Management experts, teachers, and administrators that designed Fast CPR™ and created all the little wheels that make it work, spent years studying TQM.  You can read all about TQM, on this cool page here.  Based on principles of TQM our organization follows a constantly changing and improving organizational model, that is run with constant feedback, data gathering and analysis.  We are created for the good of our students and the community we serve.  Using a process based design, we constantly eliminate inefficiencies within our internal organizational systems and processes in reaching the public with our mission.  

Individuals need rescue in many aspects of their lives.  That means sitting in committees and talking will not get it done when helping the public.  Only way to go is by offering timely education and training to the society that can actually reach the masses based on public demand and market research.  We always ask, Why do people take a class to start with?  and What will meet the public demand?  Because, we can not reach everyone out there by some fairy tale story only our non-profit organization wants to believe or follow.  There is already too much talk in the world and not enough action to make things better.  To make a difference, every 501(c)3 organization must determine their goal, simplify it and find the most efficient means to get to it.  

For a 501(c)3, social change is created by reach.  This is accomplished by process engineering, design and re-design.  It is done by getting down to the basics and by implementation.  If your 501(c)3 organization needs some ideas on optimization, email us we will be happy to talk with you about TQM and how it helps us reach our mission everyday.  But the heck with the big picture, and all the technicalities that makes it go.  Only the individuals that take action make a difference in the society.  Eh, we like teach bro, you like learn?  So, it's time to start pressing some manikins, here is our class schedule.
We channel happiness to consumers and the industry.