Our Headquarters

Fast CPR's Corporate Headquarters and Main Teaching Facility
at 1188 Bishop Street Suite 1110, Honolulu HI 96813 Map and Directions.

Majority of FAST CPR's business activities and classes are conducted at the FAST CPR Downtown Honolulu Headquarters.  We do travel all over the state at times.  We train individuals at our office and help many businesses through FAST CPR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS™.  We also do many onsite classes for businesses all over the island of Oahu through FAST CPR MOBILE™.  We have one of the most beautiful training facilities in the whole state with mountain and ocean views. But we are not here to impress you with the views of our office.  Also everyone that works at FAST CPR has many many letters and a big alphabet soup after their name.  But who cares, we are not here to impress you with that either.  The most impressive thing about FAST CPR is the fact that we have trained thousands of people in Hawaii and continue to make a major impact in Hawaii's heath, job environment, employment outlook and future.  We are one of the only Hawaii State Chartered, Federal government recognized education and training institutions that is purely dedicated to teaching Hawaii Population CPR and related courses.

Our headquarters is run as a training environment to get individuals trained effectively.  Our Training environment is geared for exactly that - Training!!!  We see some training facilities are very proud of the fact that they have refrigerators, and other camping amenities at their teaching facility.
 All this is funny as heck to us, because we hear some even lock the door as they teach a class, so no body can escape as they are teaching.  We just laugh and say "Duh, guys what are you thinking?  According to the book, during classes some even have six people working on two manikins taking turns while everybody waits around!

Consumers, we understand your pain!
  1. We are all about efficient training.  Therefore, we do not have a refrigerator, where students have to store their food to attend our classes.  If you have to bring your food, blanket and tooth brush to camp out at a training facility to learn CPR, there is something wrong!  
  2. There is no sitting around like in a coffee shop.  Therefore, we do not have Free Kona Coffee and doughnuts.  If you are sitting around in a CPR class somewhere now (which is basically a class about how to keep someone from dying) and having Coffee and Doughnuts, that whole picture is pretty depressing!   Perhaps it is time to re evaluate how much time you are spending with your family!
  3. People are not crossing the Sahara Desert, they are getting trained!  No need to brag about the Lunch Wagon that sits outside the door of a training facility. If the training is done properly, people should be able to survive it without being famished or needing a IV stuck in their arm to keep them conscious during the class!
  4. This is not about idle classroom time to make it look good, this is about training individuals.  Therefore, we do not offer free food to our students as they attend our classes like students are serving some kind of a long term sentence in a maximum security prison, just so we can log in more classroom hours!
Our training facility is run with the convenience of students in mind:
  1. We do have a waiting area.  But that's just so we have it.  Any training facility that makes a client wait around even until their seat gets warm, has not optimized its' processes to serve them better.  Just show up few minutes before your class, we will get you into the class get you trained!
  2. We do have speedy high tech electronic filing and check out processes, it does not take three weeks to get your paperwork done!
  3. We do have first rate Audio Visual presentation equipment.
  4. We do have first rate presentation videos we get from top notch certification organizations, that have superb acting and that won't knock you out with extremely slow dialog! 
  5. We do have plenty high quality educational materials in our Book Depot.
  6. We do have plenty equipment to conduct a efficient class.
  7. We do have small class sizes, instead of packing people in a class like sardines.  Yes, we know doing it our way is plain un-capitalistic!  But our institution is about helping people, it is not about punishing them at our benefit to maximize the buck!
  8. We do have great instructors who have qualifications and degrees coming out of their ears.
  9. We do have a certification card for you as soon as you pass the requirements in our training facility.
  10. We do have validated parking. We validate parking for the duration of your class.
  11. We do have a centralized main location.  We could do it cheaper for us an run a facility somewhere in the boonies, but everything is for the convenience of our students. 

Join the 1000's trained by FAST CPR in Hawaii and send us all your friends!

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