When it comes to saving a life, we must work as a team.  When it comes to teaching CPR to the whole population, same holds true.  We are on a battle to reach everyone and bring our programs to every household.  In a battle you establish your armies, work hard, rely on strengths of the specialists and send in the best teams that are dedicated to your cause.  FAST CPR utilizes the network of highly trained professionals to promote CPR education in Hawaii.  Some of these networks include the following:
  • Healthcare Providers Network.
  • Fitness Industry Network.
  • Elderly Care Network.
  • Home Care Network.
  • Child Care Network.
  • Education Network.
  • Corporate/Business Network.

And many more.  Thank you Hawaii for understanding our passion.  Regardless of your industry, if you are interested in partnering with FAST CPR, please use this page to get started.