Lost Card Replacement

Lost Card Replacement applies to Paper cards you have received at our facilities prior to implementation of eCards.  If you received an eCard from Fast CPR, and if you have already claimed it, please click the Verify Card tab to go through the steps to get a duplicate.

Don't Panic!  If you took your class at FAST CPR, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

At Fast CPR we are happy to help you with your lost CPR card problems.  However, we can issue lost card replacement only in the following cases:
  1. We can re-issue you a replacement card, if you took the class from us. Each facility is independent. We can not help you if you took class elsewhere and you have lost your card.   Again please do not contact FAST CPR to replace cards for classes you have taken elsewhere.  We have no access to records of other facilities.  We can not be an intermediary between a certification organization and some facility where you may have taken your class. 
  2. We can re-issue you a replacement card, if your card has not expired.  Certification cards are good for two years from the date of issue.  Replacement is not the same thing as renewal.  If your card has expired and you need to renew it, we have classes here.
  3. We can re-issue you a replacement card, if you are replacing the card you have lost.  We can not give you some other type of certification card than what you had before.  If your employer is now asking for a different type of certification here are the classes.
Please make sure to:
  1. Provide your name as it appears in our records.
  2. Provide a correct mailing address if you want the card mailed to you.  Otherwise we will use the address used in Paypal. (If you want to pick up your replacement card at our office, we will call to make an appointment).
  3. Provide a correct phone number.
  4. Provide special instructions if necessary.
Card replacement fee is $20.

Type of Card You Are Replacing
How do you want your replacement
Best number to call you.

Now please relax and take it easy.  We will have one of our administrators get back to you within the 24 hours.  We will get you your replacement card and the boss will remain happy.  Everything will be okay.  Sorry about the red tape.

Substantial part of the fee goes to acquiring your card from the certification institution through training center channels and to administrative costs of this service.

Sorry, no full refunds will be issued on card replacement fee due to over all administrative cost of providing ongoing service to: Oops I found it, never mind lost it again, call you back let me look some more, never mind I realized I took the class elsewhere,  never mind don't need it, etc. etc.  Thank you for your support, we appreciate you taking your class from us, we are happy replacing your card, if you really lost your card and if you really did take a class from us.  Otherwise all the administrative processes we have to go through for nothing, simply means thank you for your donation.  So please click and have us start the administrative processes rolling for your card replacement, only if you mean it.  Mahalo.