The Adventures of Joey Fast

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Who is Joey?

Joey, aka Joey Fast, is a baby CPR Manikin.  He is also the volunteer spokesperson for FAST CPR. FAST CPR is a Hawaii based, government recognized 501(c)3 organization promoting CPR education and awareness in the State of Hawaii.

What does Joey Do?

 Joey goes to local businesses, and does what they do.   In doing so, Joey has lots of adventures, he makes bunch of new friends and promotes CPR education and awareness. He also puts the businesses on a lime light, and gives them the recognition they deserve.
Joey learns from Local Businesses, and if possible becomes an “Honorary Employee.”  Joey also gets his cute pictures taken doing the exact stuff the business does, showcasing strengths of the business on the web through Adventures of Joey™ web pages.  Joey poses on pictures with employees of the business.  After that Joey tells everybody on the worldwide web all the cool things he has learned at that business, and talks all about his new friends.   
Joey officially thanks the business for their support and their help in reaching Hawaii community with FAST CPR’s programs.  
Joey also presents a Certificate of Appreciation to the Local Business for their help in spreading CPR education and awareness in the State of Hawaii.

Is Joey Famous?

Yup.  Joey is famous.  As a Baby CPR manikin, Joey has volunteered for the FAST CPR's educational programs, and helped train individuals from nearly every industry in Hawaii.
Joey is a first rate actor and deserves his fame.  Thousands of people in Hawaii have helped Joey, as he acted like he was choking or he needed CPR.  Now that Joey is famous, and got a pat on the back from everyone, he just wants to have lots of adventures, experience life and go to as many local businesses as he can.

What were some of the Adventures of Joey in the Past?

Although Adventures of Joey Is a new project that is currently being launched, Joey has been going around the islands to many businesses for several years.  In the past, visiting other businesses and/or hanging out with their employees:

Joey became a scuba diver, 
Joey learned about dentistry, 
Joey became a personal trainer, 
Joey learned to fix cars, 
Joey Became an Exterminator, 
Joey learned how to clean up the environment, 
Joey learned Shiatsu, 
Joey became a rock climber, 
Joey learned Kite Surfing, 
Joey learned about construction, 
Joey even attended school!  Now he is publishing his stories of high adventure and collecting bunch of pictures to show the world all the excitement in his life.

What does Joey want to do for his next adventure?

Your guess is as good as ours.  Opportunities come up and Joey gets invitations from local businesses and organizations to do stuff with them all the time.  Joey loves any opportunity to do something cool.  If your business would like to sponsor Joey's next adventure, please give us a call.  Joey is followed by his photographer and his paparazzi where ever he goes.  Each Adventure of Joey will be publicized on our website based on discretion of our marketing director.

Local Businesses Help Joey Live His Dreams!

Sponsor Joey to come to your business and have an adventure, doing what you do!

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