Individual Training Solutions

How to buy/schedule a CPR or related certification class for yourself
Follow these easy steps:
At the end of all of this you will get only the certification card that is awarded for the particular class you have signed up, attended, learned the content for and passed the tests for.
Ask your employer if you are not sure which card you need!

Check out our existing class schedule Here.
While you are on that page, you can already sign up online if you like.
If noting on our schedule fits your available times let us know so we can set you up a private class.

Once you know the available class times, make the paperwork easier for us sign up online or call 548-7711 to sign up by talking to one of our agents.  If you call in your registration, payment will be due when you show up to your appointment, online registration requires payment as you sign up.
Either way, you will receive a email confirming your class time, giving you simple driving directions and other details. 

 This is where you go for your class.
Once you come in, we will take you through everything that is required. 
You get your certification card in your hand before you leave our office, upon passing all the tests.

We appreciate your support.  After your class, let us know how we did so we can better serve more people in Hawaii with our programs.

For questions Please read our FAQ