Fast CPR Heroes Award

Recognizing those who have saved lives in our communities with Fast CPR.

What is it?

Fast CPR Heroes Award is designed to recognize those within our community who have had to use Fast CPR in order to save a life. 

Two ways to get the award:

 Save lives by doing Fast CPR.
(As in compression on a real person).
Save lives and help the people of Hawaii through community efforts of Fast CPR organization.

What does one get?
A distinctive certificate of award.  One also gets to be a role model for the community as they get their story heard by everyone our organization reaches.  Goal is to get the story heard.  With the award, we will also include other items from our corporate sponsors as they become available.

How does one qualify to receive the award?
Anyone who can document their incident or event and who is also willing to share their story with our community through our web based channels such as our websites, blogs, newsletters, fan pages and our printed materials can apply.
Selection is based on discretion of our organization.

Does it cost anything?
Nope.  Anyone who has saved the life of another human being at least deserves to be recognized publicly for what they have done.

For more information or to nominate someone for the award, please contact us and share their story with us here.