A good professional boxer will train for a three minute round. 
His goal is to knock his opponent out  as fast as possible with out having to go through too many rounds. Bell will ring in 3 minutes.

If you have to do CPR in real life, you must  keep the person alive as long as possible until help arrives.  Therefore, you must  be able to look them in the eye and knock out the toughest round of CPR at a moments notice ... anytime, anywhere; 
There is no 3 minute bell.  But you probably have 15 minutes before you hear the sirens.*  (Times vary across the nation)

How many people can really do a
15 minutes of high adrenaline, intense CPR session, keep their cool and keep a person alive while help is on the way?

Can you do it?  We will help you see for yourself if you are FAST CPR FIT ™

For those who are not familiar, doing CPR in real life is extreme physical effort.    You must keep your emotions straight, stick to the program, and do the best that you can ever do;  Because a life depends on it.
A typical workout in a Gym will not even come close to amount of effort you will have to put into doing repetitions of chest compressions when it comes to saving someone's life.  If someone needs CPR it's not reality TV, it is for real.  You have to give the best fitness performance of your life or they lose theirs.

FAST CPR FIT CHALLENGE™ is a Reality Based CPR Training Event
Here is How it works:
 First we will teach you how to do CPR.   Next, we will take you through some of the documented response times and 911 call to delivery of care averages.  These are the time spans when CPR had to be performed before the help arrived nationwide by people just like you.  We will also take you through some of the best case time scenarios and worse case time scenarios that have happened.**  See for your self how you would have fared up if you were the one doing CPR.  But don't worry, this is all for the challenge and for learning.  You can throw in the towel anytime and our CPR mannequins always make it back to work the next day.
We will blast the music, you will have fun, we will do what we can to distract you from your task.  All you have to do is keep on pressing until we Tap Out your CPR mannequin!

In an emergency, who ever steps up to the plate to do CPR better be able to pull off the challenge.


How to sign up for a Challenge:
All FAST CPR FIT CHALLENGE™ dates will be listed on our website.  You can sign up for any challenge with a credit or debit card.   If you would like for us to set up a challenge for your business or organization, please contact our office here There will be no call in sign ups, all registrations must be received before the date of challenge. Participation costs are tax deductible and benefit FAST CPR, a Hawaii non-profit organization.

Challenge Dates for 2014
FAST CPR FIT CHALLENGE™ is not a CPR credentialing or CPR certification course, only a course participation card will be issued.  If you need a certification card, see our classes here.


About the Project:
All the details put aside, the biggest part of the CPR is the fact that an individual must actually be able to do it.  It is not theory.  It is not magic.  It does not happen by itself.  It is physical labor and effort of someone to help someone else.  We should know something about training people and dishing out physical effort.  The adrenaline junkies that run FAST CPR have been involved in the fitness industry for 30 years.  Through its' network of fitness professionals and fitness industry affiliations FAST CPR has trained nearly every personal trainer on the island of Oahu on how to do CPR. We have helped the best of the best meet the requirements for national personal trainer qualifications through various CPR Certification Organizations.  We have put out an army of physically fit people that are already on a mission and armed them with the knowledge to save lives.  According to Hawaii State Department of Health, obesity is an epidemic in our state***. We, along with our network of fitness professionals, make a difference in Hawaii's health.

FAST CPR is a Government Recognized 501(c)3 organization promoting Fast, Efficient, Effective CPR in Hawaii. 

References and Disclaimers:
*National average response time quoted is the most frequently referred statistic on the web and may or may not take into account time it took to start delivery of care.
There is a major discrepancy in the information available, depending where it comes from.  We will take into account all the information we can locate.  
For example, in 2001, the year studied, USA TODAY found call to delivery of care time to be 22 minutes among some cities (graphic:
How 50 cities stack up)
So all this gets as scary as you like, or as not so scary as you like all based on interpretation and who reports the numbers.  We are here to teach CPR and give you an idea about what you might expect in certain cases.
**In conducting our scenarios, we will leave out the cases where no help showed up or it took hours for them to get there. We will not point fingers, step on toes or rock the boat.  All names will be altered, emergencies will take place in non-existing cities.  But data will come from sources anyone can look up on the Internet.  This course will also help you see for yourself which feel good myths promoted in the media about people saving the day with CPR are true and which are obvious fantasies, when the push comes to shove. 
At the end you, yourself can decide what you will need to do to be prepared and help those in your family and your community.
***Hawaii State Department of Health findings on Obesity reported by KITV.

By participating in FAST CPR FIT CHALLENGE™ you agree to the fact that you do not have any injuries and you are physically fit enough to perform CPR without needing CPR yourself. 
Consult your physician before participating in any physically demanding activity.