To this date, we have saved the livelihoods of thousands in Hawaii as we taught them how to do CPR.

 If you thought CPR training was only for saving lives, just read on.  There is more to it.

Did you know, most people will take a CPR Class to meet their job requirements?  
Did you know in some cases,
people can not even get a paycheck, start a new job, enter schools or clock in to work
until they can show proof that they took a particular CPR class?

A card issued after passing all the requirements of a class is the proof employers, licensing boards, schools and government agencies have to have for various compliance requirements.

So what is the big deal right?
Read This:

In some cases, the individual has no guarantee they will be able to find a class that issues the particular card they need for their job.
In some cases, there is no guarantee that the class will ever be held, and won't be cancelled.
In some cases, upon completing the course there is no guarantee the individual will ever get a card.
In some cases, there is no guarantee that the card will arrive any sooner than three weeks.

Now Picture this:
 There is no paycheck on site, people can't go back to work, people can't get into schools and people can't start jobs!
The clocks keeps on ticking!  May be for the next three weeks, may be longer!

What about the surgeon that flew to Hawaii to operate on a patient and could not touch the patient because his CPR card had expired!

Would you consider this a serious matter?

Before we came into the market, the situation was so bad and people were suffering so much because of this; 
We even had reports of individuals meeting people at public parks and selling contraband cards on Black Market!

All this did not sound right to us!
As one of the biggest advocates of CPR training in Hawaii, having a real passion for teaching CPR, and being highly against injustice...

We realized we had to take action.

Solution was a difficult one:  It would take more work than most would be willing to do to manage. It would be even more work to put things in action. It would take tremendous resources and investment of man-power.  It would take extreme know how about business, computers and technology.  It would take crazy amount of record keeping and record management.  It would take a customer service driven approach, where people attending our classes had to become the most important people to us in the world.

It took us five years to set things up.  Along the way, we knocked on a lot of doors.
If you are from here you know how things work in niche industries in Hawaii, our industry is no different.  

Regardless of how much Discrimination we had to go through, regardless how many walls we were made to run into, we did not quit.

So we started our project to save livelihoods of people in Hawaii, as we taught them how to save lives.  


How did we do it?
Through our FAST CPR CLASS Project,™ we started offering thousands of classes each year, so people could get into a class when they needed.  
We started getting them a certification card as soon as they completed classes and passed the requirements in our office, so they could show their card to their boss as soon as they got to work.

The support, appreciation and response we have received from Hawaii Consumers seeking training has been tremendous. 
After all CPR training is all about training people.  CPR training industry in Hawaii is about helping people.  CPR training industry in Hawaii is not about fraternizing, market manipulation or controlling supply at cost of suffering of consumer.
So, we keep on growing as we help more people in Hawaii.  Because CPR training is for the people of Hawaii.

Thank you Hawaii for your recommendations and referrals.  Thank you for helping us reach thousands in Hawaii who needed their certification cards in a timely manner.


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