When you take a class at our Downtown Honolulu Facility the class is taught by Fast CPR.  Fast CPR is a Hawaii based Nonprofit Corporation that is a nationally recognized 501(c)3 (Verify).  Your cards come from American Heart Association.  AHA is a Texas based Nonprofit Corporation that is a nationally recognized 501(c)3 (Verify).  Fast CPR purchases your AHA course completion cards and other educational materials such as your course text books, your eLearning courses etc. from Authorized AHA Distributors that sell these AHA products Nationwide to the institutions that have gone through certain approvals and processes.  When Fast CPR purchases from Authorized AHA Distributors, in our case there is no middle man.  When you train with Fast CPR you can be rest assured we make sure you have the Authentic AHA Card Product in your hand upon passing the courses.  Furthermore, besides the card product, substantial resources are spent by Fast CPR each month to get course participants all those other AHA educational products associated with their courses such as text books and eLearning courses.  Your class fee helps us cover such program costs as AHA educational products, actual cost of bringing training to the local public, cost of delivering that training to the public, customer support costs and many other expenses such as running real brick and mortar teaching facilities etc., so we can serve the Hawaii population by offering and delivering the classes as your local organization.  However, social scope and positive outcome of what we do in Hawaii goes way beyond just teaching classes to Hawaii public.  General population takes these classes for a specific purpose, and typically not for fun.  Each project we run at Fast CPR is targeted to specific population groups in Hawaii to achieve outcomes to improve Health, Safety and Employment outlook of Hawaii's people.  Thank you for your support.

Because it is extremely confusing to the consumer, as to who is actually performing what function in the overall training industry, AHA has made the following mandatory declaration we are required to post here, clearly stating they are the ones making the educational products (Including those AHA cards), and that AHA is a separate entity from all those who actually teach your classes out there, where ever you take your class using those educational products, especially in the cases when the card product, book product/eLearning product get to go home with you and become part of your class cost for you the consumer, who is purchasing Educational Products along with purchasing of Educational Services: "The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in CPR and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course material, do not represent income to the Association."

Since very few even explain how the distribution works to the consumer, misinformation (either on purpose or unintentional) in the training industry causes suffering, lost labor hours, lost wages, lost time away from family and increased training costs for the local consumer.  Fast CPR is here to help you as your local 501(c)3 public service organization.  As a Hawaii consumer you are already aware, there are many knock off replicas of the educational card products, book/eLearning products etc. that exist in the Hawaii training market.  Your job requirement most likely didn't say "Get the training anywhere and end up with any educational card product, book/eLearning product in your hand."  Fast CPR only goes through proper chain of distribution, through the Authorized AHA Distributors (There are only three in the entire country), without inventory lag times in the distribution to the Hawaii public, to get you the consumer in a timely manner, the exact educational card product, book/eLearning product required to meet your compliance criteria as written on your compliance/employment paperwork.  On the training end of things, as a consumer you are also aware that although thousands of websites seem to offer training to public, hinting they do exactly what we do, when it comes down to real training in the real world, the actual educational training service does not even exist out there in many of the cases simply due to massive resources, actual brick and mortar local facilities, real training equipment, real educational product inventory costs, real human labor, actual customer support and amount of administrative work it takes to provide real educational service to the public, and to teach these sort of classes day after day.  As your Hawaii organization, Fast CPR is there for you locally with it's people, facilities and resources.  In fact due to issues in the over all training industry, our organization was started with support and encouragement from thousands of local folks to help you, the local consumer who takes these classes.  Mahalo for taking your class from Fast CPR, and for sending us all your coworkers and friends.  Here is our class calendar.



E-Card is the newest educational product issued to the consumer for documenting course completion nationwide.  Fast CPR carries only the cards that are asked from Hawaii Consumer at most local jobs and at most state requirements.  For example if your job or State paperwork said to go take a class and end up with a AHA BLS card, that actually meant take a class and end up with the specific AHA product 15-3001.  These cards are different from all the "meets the guidelines," "print them without actually sitting in class," cards you see all over the internet at amazingly low prices at practically dime a dozen (As a consumer, you have probably been there and done that, spent the money, spent the time, spun your wheels in Hawaii one more way trying to meet your job requirement, got no where...Now the boss is saying go take a real class or else and...Ta da!  Here we are, Hawaii based 501(c)3 public service organization, working to ease suffering of the local consumer who takes these sort of classes).  Fast CPR purchases your eCard directly from the Authorized American Heart Association Distributors on the Mainland.  So the product you get locally through us, does not go through layers of middle men before it finally gets to the hands of the Hawaii consumer.  Each card product has it's own serial number for authentication (Kind a like money, but costs money).  Electronic cards now replaces the old paper cards.  In a briefly and a humanly explainable way, basically institutions and people who teach classes using AHA curriculum and purchase from the AHA distributors to distribute other products such as text books and eLearning courses are also are required to distribute this product to their students upon completion of the courses (So not only the Card product.  If you are taking your class elsewhere, as a Hawaii consumer make sure your books and all the other products it takes for people to teach your class don't appear and disappear out of existence either).  Why do we even explain details of all of this?  As a consumer you have a right to get the product, that is suppose to be purchased and distributed to you.  Before that, as a consumer you have right to know how all this works. That way you can ask for the Right Product as well as the Right Service out there in the cases when you are not given the Educational Product along with the Educational Service, given counterfeit product or given just partial product to cut costs.  We figure, since we are putting our sweat, heart, soul and bucks into teaching the classes, might as well help even those who don't take the classes from us.  That way even those people don't lose time, money and chunk of their life in endeavors that will not satisfy their requirement.  Saving lives, every way we can!  Because as a Hawaii consumer your life also matters, as you are living it!!!

Eh, where does my e-Card stay?  Your e-Card is maintained in AHA's servers, your employer can verify it there, besides having the option to call Fast CPR locally to check on you as they did also with the paper cards in the past.  E-Cards require agreeing to AHA terms and conditions, coming up with a secret question and taking a survey before you can retrieve it.  We can inventory all kinds of things, spend the bucks, press the manikins and train you until we are blue on the face (Signs of cyanosis-we teach that in class), to get your card you got to click things on AHA servers come up with secret question etc. Therefore as a consumer, certain amount of computer savvy and keyboard mojo will be required on your part to retrieve that card.  Once all those steps are done on AHA servers, you have an option to print the AHA E-Card if you like.  You can even show your card to your employer on your i-phone with the cards unique QR code and Authentication Features and say: "Talk to the hand Bro! Fast CPR trained me, documented everything I did more better than a accounting firm,  I did my compliance requirement, I pressed the manikins according to the newest rules by the book.  By the the way Bro here is my newest book.  Now that I have the right information in my brain, right eductaional text book product/elearning product in my hand, and the right compliance documenting eCard product in my iPhone, just let me get back to work, because I totally learned how to save lives!  Not only that, the class was beyond awesome bro, ask every doctor, lawyer and the chief that has been through a Fast CPR Class in Hawaii, plus every body and their mother those Fast CPR dudes trained for the past two decades on the Islands."  Well okay, you don't have to say all that, but we are blessed that we are able to help people.

How Fast is the processing on of all this new E-Card stuff with Fast CPR Bro?  With us it is like lightning fast.  As in as soon as you are done with your class, before you get up off your seat fast.  But as a consumer, when you are dealing with the education and training services industry, it is good to understand not everyone out there prefers to run their ship on that much effort, energy and bucks.  So, some things are changed in the training services industry and many things are still the same.  As the training services industry evolves, as a consumer who is the life blood of the training services industry, who is actually paying for all the educational products distributed through the training services industry plus paying for the efforts of the people teaching your class, you have right to know these things.  That way you can make informed decisions when you purchase your class out there.  Also please do your research as a consumer as well and check out all the delivery times listed on websites all over the planet where fine Ecards are offered from various distribution channels.  Just like it was with paper cards, issuing of E-cards still take administrative processes based on efficiency of protocols within systems (Where ever you take your class), all conducted by individuals once the cards are purchased from the authorized distributor for actual distribution.  Since everyone's work ethic, priorities and comfort level with doing what is best for the consumer (Even if it costs more money to do it at times), etc is all different, all over the place; Therefore time to receive these cards on your end varies substantially as a consumer out there in the training market.  Why is that important?  Because that is simply bad ju ju in certain cases for people in need of documenting training for their compliance requiring body, so local folks can keep their job, get in schools and meet employment deadlines.  If you don't believe us try holding your breath for few seconds, hours, days, or weeks.  Fast CPR comes to the rescue of Hawaii consumer holding breath!  We have established relationships with Nations largest eCard distributors, we have worked out the bugs with the local support issues that come through our call centers for an entire year in Hawaii with eCards, spent the cabbage required to provide that support locally, collected the local customer feedback, provided support time to even the local folks that took the class elsewhere and called us in panic, optimized our work flows with our process engineers, as we implemented E-Cards.  As your local 501(c)3 organization, we are all about improving Hawaii's Health, Safety and Employment outlook.  In such matters, timing is essential for people's survival in the Paradise.  When you train with Fast CPR, your E-Card will be processed with in seconds of completing a course at our facilities, not in hours, not in days, not in weeks.  If you have your phone configured for email, you can even check it and go through the E-Card claiming process before you leave our facilities.  You can ask NASA, in design of highly technical, efficient and effective life support systems, there is no single point of failure.  Your support basically, helps provide life and livelihood support to substantial chunk of the Hawaii work force through our efforts at Fast CPR.  We are blessed to have all of you, and blessed to be able to help.  Thank you for sending us everyone that you know, who needs this type of training.  Mahalo.

What is with the format of the survey at the end of claiming process?  I think the format is backwards. 
We strongly agree.  But before we reached the strongly agree conclusion, we had to like actually read the survey, thinking totally back to our SAT test taking days, quickly figuring out strongly disagree was bad and on top, with five levels of agree with slight salt, before it finally got to strongly agree, which was actually good, and we had to like pick the last option for that so we don't ding people for teaching a darn good class.  And yes.  Our super duper manikin was blinking and saying "Eh, look at me Bro, I am a feedback device" entire class, unless of course someone blinked continiously between the blinks at the rate of a 100 to 120 per minute.  In that case, the lights were all solid giving the manikin half the chance of survival on a statistical survey although it was there and happily blinking, doing his job like he does every day for many past generations of manikins, like his father and his father before him who also worked as a manikin at our facility before he fell a part from all the compressions.  Yup it was definitely a manikin, although the species have evolved substantially over the years and now have more electronics in them comparison to our TV.  But no matter what the reality of life in the real world of actually training people is, no matter what the little people of the training industry go through, no matter what kind of human effort is spent on all of this or what kind of resources are spent locally in getting this training out to the public, or how many thousands of bucks are spent on the educational products;  Even our super expensive human friendly and kind hearted robot manikin won't get any recognition for paticipating in your class from the statistics guy, unless people understand and pick the right item on the statistical survey.   If people do what is most commonly done worldwide, and act in the statistical probability that Google, Bing and thousands of other Pay Per Click advertisers (Who hire their own very expensive statistical analysts) are betting millions and millions of dollars accross the planet every day on - Which is that statistical probablitly, the certain number of people will statistically always click the very top item.  If that happens, even with all our work and all the good we have accomplished in Hawaii for past two decades in the educational services industry, we become an insignificant piece dust on a big graph.  In this world big graphs are used to make big decisions.  Yes even in Hawaii, graphs determine what happens to you and everyone around you.  It is a good thing if graphs can reflect the right information, especially if that information is exceptionally good.  But whatevers, we are here to help people taking the class, we totally strongly agree with that.  If you strongly agree, keep coming back and enjoy the class.  If you don't want to read the survey, people have actually thought about that, you have the option on the bottom of it to just skip it.  That is totally legit, by the book, plus strongly agreeable to some too.  The main goal of education and training services industry should be good education and good training. Do you strongly concur?  We strongly concur.  Many of you started your carreer taking a class over here, after every two years of joyful compressions in our classes, now many of you are retiring.  Hey, we are still pressing them manikins, so send your grand kids over when their job requires the training.  Mahalo for your support.

I spelled my email wrong each of the five times you asked me to check it at your facility, I am upset with the world, where is my E-Card claiming email?
Upon passing all the requirements, the E-Card claiming email is at the exact email address the class participant has provided us, even if they gave us the exact wrong email address five times in a row.  Mahalo.

I left your facility without claiming my eCard, Now I am having computer problems at home, I am upset with the world, I can't get the E-Card thing to happen, now what?  The requirements are what they are.  Ecards are it, your boss probably said to get that card or else.  In a one size fits all world, one size does not really fit all at all times.  What are we to do as your local service organization?  All we can do is try to help people and teach darn good classes.  We prefer all this adminstrative eCard claiming business gets done right on the first attempt on your end without zillion phone calls, that is why we work our Okole off to make sure all this eCard requirement thing works out for everybody when they take a class from us, all before they leave our office.  If someone told us they will claim their eCard later, and after that if they can't access their email, their computer eats the links in the email, their virus protection eats the PDF files, their yahoo email account is closed, their computer keeps re-booting, their WiFi keeps kicking their machine out of their network, their files are disappearing when they download them to their phone or if they are clicking and closing everything that pops up on their computer without reading it, if they are getting internal server erros on a server we have no control over, if during the back and forth phone calls we are getting "I am sorry person you are trying to reach has a voicemail that is full" etc. in that case there is not much we can do.  Please claim your card before leaving our office, so we have some kind of chance to help you without being smacked around like a heavy bag at a gym from all the support costs. 

We are not saying we don't have love in our heart, love in the universe is limitless, but our support budget is not.  Since e-Card is a AHA product, once your class has been taught, allocated resources have been spent and your data has been turned over, all support costs can be directed to AHA for their E-Card product support line by calling 1-877-242-4277 4:00am to 1:00pm Hawaii time, Monday through Friday...Or may be just claim your eCard before leaving our office so if there is some sort of glitch we can help you.  But, okay what evers, nevermind us, people should do what ever is in their heart.

Does all this new industry changes with implementation of eStuff mean, a person can not document compliance to their employer and thus can't get a paycheck and their family goes hungry in Paradise, unless they can use computer and email?  As a local service organization trying to help everybody with the demands of the contantly changing training industry as we teach life saving classes;  We realize substantial chunk of the population we serve in Hawaii is not familiar with computers.  Hawaii is a unique international place like no other on the planet.  We also realize, due to massive language barrier, it is not even possible for some people to find, read and agree to terms and conditions on anything with terms and conditions.  Yet this does not stop all these good folks from contributing to Hawaii's workforce and putting in their sweat to make a better way of life for their families in Paradise.  In Hawaii every life matters, and everyone deserves the right to work.  Please stand by as we figure out how to help more effectively and efficiently, all those folks who have no emails, computers or smart phones or have other issues that keep them from being assimilated by technology.  Resistance is futile, technology is here to stay.  Saving lives in Paradise is not easy with it's many unique challenges and people.  We are a lowly little local 501(c)3 teaching CPR and related classes.  Although we have taught thousands of CPR classes, running computer labs to introduce populations that are not familiar with computers in process of teaching them a CPR class has not been that easy.  May be your organization can take the responsibility of giving us a big grant, so we can run a computer center next to our training center.  That way we can teach everyone that needs CPR training in Hawaii how to use computers and create email accounts to meet the new demands of the CPR training industry.  Mahalo for all your support and kindness.



Short FAQ:  Because we are a local organization that feels everything in Hawaii that your life and livelihood depends on should be efficient and effective.  Entire population seems to appreciate that, so here is the class schedule.  If you want to hear more, sure there is a reason and a purpose for every breath we take at Fast CPR... read on.

Long FAQ:
  Our mission is improving Hawaii's Health, Safety and Employment outlook.  If efficiency does not seem like a important part to accomplishing all of that, please get on the highway during rush hour and feel the love and aloha in the air, in a growing Hawaii with newer expectations, newer population demands, and newer consumer requirements.   Plus speed, efficiency and effectiveness are the newest and the greatest things promoted by the CPR certification organizations anyway.  Most of the courses we offer are done partially online, giving people flexibility as to where they spend their time taking the classes.  Our organization is designed to help people efficiently and effectively.  On top of that, efficiency is also what the consumer wants (Except for a few people here and there, that like to watch paint dry for fun on their day off from work).  Plus we know a thing or two about all of that speed, efficiency and effectiveness stuffs, cause we got degrees and all kine training on that bro.  Eh, who kea about that anyways.  May be we just do something good for people instead.  It takes ton of Know How, ton of Elbow Grease, ton of Human Dedication and a ton of good old Green American Cheddar to get training out to public.  "Learning" is related to "education."  Others have their strong points, ours happens to be the things that get the "education job" done effectively and efficiently by having the know how and by spending the resources it takes to run classes for the public efficiently, effectively in comparison to the minimal resources spent slow poke approach.  We have been in the heart of Hawaii education and training industry for decades.  Having taught classes at all levels of the US Educational System (Yeah, all) on 40 separate subjects (Yeah, 40), we are familiar the real side of the education and training industry.  Yes we respect, love and bow down to everyone in the training industry, regardless of organization or affiliation.  Especially hats off to those folks that specialize in retailing aspects of the safety industry, all the medical equipment salesmen teaching classes and those that did completely different things rather than teaching all their lives.  Respect, love and hugs to everybody and their uncles in the Hawaii training industry.  However, we feel efforts of those that actually teach the material while logging in thousands of hours of real teaching time and thousands of hours of administrative support time with the Hawaii community, should also be recognized.  When we teach, we get raving reviews and support from all sorts of healthcare professionals, fortune 500 companies and government institutions for a job well done.  As a local 501(c)3 we are pretty proud of that, because it means we reach our missions while contributing to the big mission of saving lives in a very massive way in Hawaii.  These sort of classes are a repeat purchase for the consumer.  Consumers' first time purchasing experience in the over all training industry (We are not saying CPR training industry, that one is perfect) ranges anywhere between "Horrendous" and "Hey that was an awesome class."  Since consumer studies indicate consumers are not a glutton punishment in any service related industry (Including the industry of educational and training services) and prefer an awesome class each and every time, therefore consumers biennial purchasing habits for these classes are based on a criteria built on satisfactory experience in these classes.  As real educators we know from experience, that the public likes to be trained by people who are trying to help them, that teach good classes and actually care about what happens to  the class participants as much as the survival of that individual in the class scenarios.  So we work our butts off teaching classes, while analyzing everything we do, so we can serve the public efficiently and effectively.   In the overall training industry the two merged industries, the service industry and the product industry, may have a blurred line.  But actual training itself is still a service, based on serving your fellow humans.  

In Hawaii perhaps people are okay with certain things taking longer to get, get done or get going.  May be in Hawaii people are okay with hearing, "Sorry can not," "I will ask my supervisor," "No more that one," "Stay and wait," "Sorry, no other choice," "Well, may be if you were in Mainland," etc., etc.  Perhaps there are those who enjoy the systems that promote five people taking a break while two people work to serve the customers.  May be with some folks, it is a fine balance of Seniority over Productivity.  All that may provide more relaxing time as people wait longer on things during work and after work as they spend their lives on the Islands.  Life is precious, no matter where you live it.  We think inefficiency has nothing to do with real Aloha. People who are telling you it's part of how it is here, are wrong.  Many Hawaii businesses and institutions out there have the efficiency and effectiveness mind set.  That is why Hawaii improves.  Also as the population grows, people have less and less tolerance for getting just a Shaka for things they can't get.  If somebody tells you "Get used to not having things you want or move back to mainland," you should just dump them, unless you are dealing with the local monopolies.  But everyone that lives here knows no such thing exists in Hawaii.  Because in the end, consumer decides not the cousins. 

Plus for goodness sake, who would want a Slow CPR organization any way?  Over nearly two decades we have been blessed with many wonderful people in Hawaii that we have helped through our classes, we have taught more classes in comparison to everyone else around on this side of the planet that teach these sort of classes (Ask around.  It's a free country, we just choose to press our manikins all kine wee hours, all kine wee many years, when many others choose to Karaoke, sorry our fault - Mae Culpa, Mae Culpa).  Also as a public service organization, we have spent a lot of time listening to the local consumer through thousands of hours of phone support and through face to face communication.   We also looked at the industry data related to CPR for two decades.  But we have never heard of anyone ever wanting or needing Slow CPR of any kind!  If you want things really fast when it comes to learning this stuff, buy eLearning.  That way you will see less of our pretty faces in the classroom.  In Hawaii some people have bumper stickers that say "Slow down, this ain't Mainland."  If that was our bumper sticker it would say, "OK folks slow down when driving - but This ain't Mainland, things cost four times more here, speed up and optimize those things that you can for the best use of resources in Hawaii, that way at least people don't have to sleep faster, attend their families faster or drive down the road faster trying to get to their second job in Paradise."  Price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.  We help avoid waste.  Learn CPR, help others.  We are all about teaching and helping as many people as we can locally.  Mahalo for choosing to live on the Islands, but everyone's "Time Left on Earth Clock" ticks at the same speed where ever you live on the planet.  So when it really comes down to it, Life in Hawaii is Not Slow.  Life takes place due to efficient systems.  Expecting efficiency is Respecting human life.  Giving efficiency is not that easy.  For those who understand and appreciate what it takes to do what we do in our unique island environment, thank you for your support.



Schedule, Class Types and Prices are HERE.  You also have option to book a private class pretty much through out the day, evening or weekends.  We are all about Health and Safety of the community, workplace and individuals, so our classes are in subject matters relating to those areas.  Although we are glued to our computers and mobile devices, we keep flexible administrative hours and we won’t be in our office unless we are teaching as specified on our online schedule.  Therefore all classes are by appointment, no walk-ins. 



Short FAQ:
 One is done fully in the classroom.  The other is done partially online and partially in the classroom.  If you are OK with that, here is the class schedule.  If not, here is more.  We'll tell you how all that works, honestly!

Long FAQ:  Traditional Classroom course means a flesh and blood human with a soul teaches your entire course with the help of super duper high tech electronic rubber dummies, while using approved audio visuals, human talent and human ability to teach.  As a consumer this is to your advantage, because our humans have taught thousands of these classes and they are pretty good.  Our robot dummies are the best kind, they are there for your convenience and they totally know not to harm humans.  During class our manikins give us feed back so everyone is pressing the right spot at the right speed, right depth, etc.  that way everybody is doing it right, and no body can pick on you or us.  When you train with us compassionate humans are trying to help you every step of the way.  We definitely don't leave you in a cold air conditioned room with some kind of T1000 and say "I'll be back."  Besides getting the best training any human, robot, or a cyborg with a stop watch can give you anywhere on the planet, you also get the mandatory text book to take home, when you take a traditional classroom course with us.  As a consumer this is also a benefit to you, because besides spending a lot of effort actually teaching your class, we also spend boo koo bucks on those text books each month, so please enjoy your book.  That is the scoop on the traditional classroom courses.

But lo and behold, we are also the biggest promoters of online blended learning in the entire State of Hawaii.  Online blended course means you do part of the course at home (Because with blended learning, you get the online learning product not the book product through your class with us).  You do all this way super high tech method (Depending on capabilities of your computer), watching videos, clicking your mouse and going through the content, without dealing with humans and only dealing with your computer, your mouse and your keyboard; With the Online blended course, after the computer part is all done, you come into our facility to do all the physical stuff that is involved in learning CPR with the help of humans and rubber dummies.  CPR is about physical effort and action.  It takes doing to be able to do it.  So you still got to come press our manikins and do all the physical work.

Why do I have to come press a manikin and do all the physical stuff, even if I do part of my course online?:  Because all those "Online only-Never touch a manikin" courses you see out there are just a bad bad joke and do not meet the compliance requirements.  Therefore, your boss goes "Ha, ha, Joke is on you" if you show up to work with one of those "all of it done online-never touch a manikin" kind of cards.  We get you trained the right way! (Ask your boss, we are on his provider list!).  You can't get a Legit CPR card just by pressing your keyboard, you still got to come and press the manikins one way or another regardless if you take a traditional classroom course or online blended learning course with us.  You will also be required to act out scenarios and say one liners like "Activate the emergency response and get an AED etc. (No brand of AED specified, because we are not going to try to sell you any.  Purpose of the training industry is to train people Bro!).   It is a forgone conclusion, consumer is well aware superior acting is not a requirement anywhere in the training industry as evidenced by instructional videos out there on every subject from Apple Pie Making to Zebra Painting.  Therefore you don't have to do Oscar winning acting or Olympic physical performance to pass your skills tests, you just got to be able to do what we ask so we can give you your check mark on a piece of paper.  It is a physical skill Bro!  Talking the talk and looking sophisticamated at the country club is one thing.  But the word on the street is doing the walk is what counts.  The most important part of all this CPR stuff is that people got to be able to do it!

For You:  People ask us "What type of training should I get, partially online or all done in classroom?"  All the educational products we can buy and inventory, plus all elbow grease we can muster up to teach that class, is there for your convenience.  We can't tell you which mode of training therefore which educational product to get with your educational service you are buying.  Upon passing the course you get the same card product, regardless you do the "traditional classroom, done with a text book product" version or "online blended learning done with eLearning product" version of the same course.  Stuff you learn is the same in each kind of class one way or another, it is all matter of how you want to take your class - which is matter of personal preference more than anything.  For a partially online course:   Do you want to do part of it in your pajamas at home on your day off while laundry is going on, and after that come down to our facility on another day off to do the rest? Perhaps your boss will be okay with it if you told him: "Dude, you are making me do this training, so at least let me do part of it on the company computer while I am on the company clock and on the company dime, instead of doing it on my home computer during my day off, trying to have some type of life in Paradise with my family."  May be you can tell your boss while you are at work "Bro, get out the company card and pay for it now, here I will even do the part of the course on your work computer and you can even watch me do it!"  Some people like to drag the time it takes to get a course done as much as possible, so with online course sky is the limit and you are in control.  You can work on it for six months if that makes you happy or if that kind of thing impresses your boss.  No joke, we have even seen people put their email on autoresponder that said something like "Out of the office, working on my course."  We can't tell you what to do.  Do what makes you happy.  Or, For a Traditional Classroom course:  On your day off, do you want to have your husband or wife do the laundry and just come on down and do the entire class at our facility in one swoop?  If you decide one way or another and stick to it, we will make sure you get the best training regardless.  At Fast CPR saving lives also involves caring about lives of people with a perfectly good pulse taking the life saving class.

More on all that:  On our end, each variety of class we teach (regardless partially done online or not) requires different educational product to be purchased and inventoried ahead of time in order for us to bring this training to the masses through our organizational efforts, physical labor and financial resources.  Also besides us buying it with real Benjamin's, each educational product that moves through our hands requires a certain amount of Customer Support Time delivered to public by spending the greenbacks/dough/cheddar associated with in distributing each type of product with it's unique Support Issues presented to the local consumer.  People call us, not mainland numbers on these products.  When you take the course through us, we are there to provide support regardless browser eats the cookie or any other reason, all through our local organizational resources.  As a Hawaii consumer, you can be rest assured we will spend the bucks, and sweat it out with you on the training floor, doing the actual training, plugging away day after day like good little soldiers, pressing them manikins, as local folks have seen us do for decades. You come to us to learn this stuff, so we will teach it to you. Our approach is straight forward.  But if you want us to be totally impressive with the medical terminology and stuff, all we got to do is reach to the back of our brain and flip da switch.  Although we don't write the book on this stuff, over here our little dum-dum brains have lots of switches, all while we still fully support the medical simulation training equipment industry through our super duper high tech manikins (which also have lots of switches inside).  We work hard in order for us to bring training to the Hawaii public efficiently and effectively.  Although some think all it takes is the right robot or the perfect cyborg with right connections to get this job done, we recognize the value of the effort and dedication of humans in the training process.  

Nothing we do ourselves at Fast CPR is easy.  However, dozens of processes that run behind our classes take place seamlessly, making our classes an excellent experience for those who are attending our classes.  As your local organization, we do all this to help you, the consumer.  It is all done by voluntarily, not because somebody puts us in an arm bar.

Moral of the Story:  Look at it on the bright side.  As a consumer you have at least some type of choice as to whom you take these classes from and how.  In an ever changing training environment where the consumer is sick of hearing "Let them eat cake," you can be rest assured as your local federal government recognized 501(c)3 organization that is actually designed to help people of Hawaii learn this stuff, we are here for you.  We appreciate your support, thanks for sending us all your friends and coworkers.  Mahalo.



Please check out our Map & Directions Page for details.  Fast CPR is located downtown Honolulu at Century Square building, 1188 Bishop St. Suite 1110, at the corner of Bishop and South Beretania St (first building on the right hand side as you enter Bishop).  If you will be in a rush on the day of your class, please keep in mind that it is a very large island and our call center is not able to direct people by phone through traffic.



Our office is at Century Square, 1188 Bishop Street, Downtown Honolulu.  Make a right turn from Bishop Street into our parking, which goes underground, under the Century Square. See a picture of the parking entry.  Once you arrive, from under ground parking lot take the elevator to the main lobby and take the lobby elevator to the 11th floor. Suite 1110 will be on your right when you get off the elevator.  W
e can validate parking for the first two hours of your class for free.  Additional parking stickers can be purchased at our office at a discounted rate.  We can validate only if you park at our building (Century Square). We can not validate parking in other buildings.  Our parking can accommodate cars with 6’2” maximum height.  What we teach is about saving lives.  You want to get the best use of your life, so please don't arrive hours ahead of time, because manikins don't pass out till the class starts.  Mahalo.




Short FAQ:  We will issue your card at the end of the class, as soon as you are done with the requirements.  Cards are good for two years.

Long FAQ:  We heard from many people in Hawaii, you might have to wait until coconut is ready to fall from the tree in some cases for this sort of thing.  Over the years waiting for the coconut to fall got very tiring for us and everyone we knew.  The pinnacle of supreme local efficiency effects way too many lives, livelihoods and careers.  So to help Hawaii community, we contacted the best certification bodies, got support and encouragement from thousands of local folks, run the Fast CPR Card Project and brought efficiency to the a very substantial chunk of the Hawaii workforce that needed this training for their job requirements as we taught them how to save lives.  If you take a class from us, you will get your card before you leave our office, upon passing all the tests, on the same day.  Certification cards are good for two years from the date of issue, not one year like some places.  Thank you for taking your class at a local organization that was designed to help the Hawaii community effectively and efficiently, hope you like the effort that goes into really teaching this stuff.  Also thank you for supporting the mainland organizations that provide the curriculum, content, educational materials and the certification cards.  Remember you are the life blood of the training industry, and as a Hawaii consumer you deserve people to serve you efficiently and effectively.  They say life is slower in the Islands, make sure your life is not slower because someone else decided not to work.  Mahalo.



We accept credit and debit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express) and Cash, NO personal checks. We can accept company checks.  If your company is reimbursing you, please hang on to your receipt and don't loose it.  We will not keep chasing after receipts for you.  If you signed up online, or by credit card in our office, your receipt is in your email!



If it’s listed on our Online Schedule, you can get into any class even on the day it’s scheduled.  But hurry because if the class fills up, it will be no longer listed and enrollment will close.  Each class has limited space, classes are by appointment and there are no walk-ins.  

Here are the steps.  Most important part of signing up for a class is first knowing which class or certification card your employer requires.  Cards are job specific, and simple "just a cpr card", "infant cpr card", "oh just the basic" qualifies for many different varieties of cpr cards.  Depending on your industry, you have two choices to start with "BLS Healthcare Provider"  or "First Aid, CPR, AED." If you know exactly which class or certification card your job requires from you, you can either sign up online or call us to schedule your class.  Online sign up will require payment at the time of the registration.  If you would rather pay in person before your class, you can also call in your registration at 808 548-7711 and our agents will help you .  Please review available options by looking at our online schedule before calling. 



Classes can be rescheduled in case of major emergencies.  If you must re-schedule, we prefer a 24 hours notice when possible.  But, please keep in mind that chronic excessive rescheduling (CER) is painful condition that affects everyone and every time someone  reschedules a class, a CPR manikin dies.  There will be one free reschedule allowed.  We no longer do rescheduling over the phone.  Currently maintaining full time staff according to Hawaii's unique needs, around the clock, just for those who can't make it to the class, costs ridiculous sums of money.  So, rescheduling must now be done through email. Steps to reschedule:  1) Check out the available classes online by going to http://classes.Fast CPR.org.  2) Pick the time that works for your schedule.  3) Email us the date on and time by replying to the original confirmation email you received with title "Rescheduling My Class" so we know what class, when to when, and who.  We will email back with a new confirmation within the same business day, during regular business hours.  The nice guy who rescheduled his appointment 14 times during the same month isn't even reading any of this anyway. But after that most excellent guy rescheduled few more appointments the following month, once his reschedules added up to 21, we figured even the All Patient and Very Kind Zen Masters would implement some sort of rescheduling policy in their dwelling of peace, love and harmony, as they try to help everyone. Now calculate 21 reschedules for a single class, per person for everybody, before they actually showed up, and go back and forth on the phone setting that up, see how you feel, no matter how patient you are trying to help people meet their requirements.  Saving lives.

Important Social Mission of Fast CPR:  Eh, we are training every kine people ovah here! and how you too can help:  This is Hawaii.  We know folks are busy, sometimes they forget and sometimes simply the surf is up, thus at that moment nothing else matters to some, even in the cases when their boss says "Eh, bro you behind on Da compliance requirements, get this done already or no more Da paycheck."  We appreciate everybody.  We feel confident once they show up and we teach them the curriculum, we can trust them to do CPR even on us as long as they figure out the part about being there in actual physical body on the first attempt, pressing on that sternum, instead of being kind of there through 20 intended attempts trying to do CPR from distance through telekinesis, with all kinds of good intentions.  As Master Yoga once said in Hawaii there are those who do, those who do not, and those...Eh I tried.  Force is strong with us, we are trying to help all!  Society is about helping one another, so everyone that can make it to the class in fewer attempts is happy to carry the weight of those who can't on their shoulders, thus paying the increased support cost (Thus increased class costs) it takes to provide hundred times the support for some folks to show up to a single class, get trained, get their card, meet the compliance requirements and get back to their work and contribute to the Hawaii's workforce and economy, thus making the islands a better place to live for every man, woman and child.  Plus the call center agent that goes through that many redundant phone calls with that one person just for one booking, usually says heck with this and gets his own surf board anyway.  So even people not making it to their class repeatedly and re-booking it perpetually forevers, are also contributing to the great circle of life in Hawaii or some how contributing to the over all statewide surf board sales.  It's all good and bunches of love to everyone.  Big businesses that come to Hawaii like bunch of big shots without knowing the particular market, run away screaming like bunch of little girls any way due to these sort of issues.  It takes Aloha Maximus to the tenth power to do some of the things we do.  So as your locally brewed organization, that is totally brewed with a special formula to help every kine people, we appreciate everyone ovah here.  In the big picture of spinning the wheel in Hawaii, please keep in mind the wheel we spin is pretty good size, that helps many many people locally.  After decades of spinning that wheel endlessly in Hawaii, we are getting some type of traction due to the sheer volume of people we help, and all that effort is not lost like the flavoring of Poke' after too much soy sauce.  We are making a difference in Hawaii.  Thanks to you, when we throw a boulder into a lake, at least there is some type of ripple for that social impact.  Hauling boulders up mountains use to be a lot of work for two decades.  But after plenty maniking pushing along with plenty boulder pushing up mountains, dealing with people's uncles, dealing with local monopolies in the service industry that didn't really provide service and just sat there making ostacles for decades;  In our endless battle to bring this sort of training to Hawaii public; Now with thousands of good people behind our cause that boulder becomes a little easier to push.  Enjoy the class, but please take it easy with rescheduling or for some folks, please have some kind of mercy Bro.  Even if you are perfectly fine and don't suffer from Chronic Excessive Re-Scheduling, you can still help those that do.  Please donate so we can have extra resources it takes to run programs according to Hawaii's unique needs, that way we can provide extra booking support to part of the local population that has issues that keep them from showing up to their appointment, especially when the surf's up several days at a time, their boss is totally panicking and their family is not sure if their loved one will be able to keep their job because they can't meet a work compliance requirement, even when people bend over backwards to help them.  Enjoy the islands, hang loose.  Please help those who take that "hang loose" concept a bit too far, by acting as a Bungee Cord so none of the brothers and sisters fall off the rock.   Mahalo for your support.


If you must cancel please call us and let us know 48 hours before your class, so we have time to assign your spot to someone else.  Please specify if you have made a payment ( 1 ) and if you are requiring a refund ( 2 ).  We can not issue refunds in case of no shows on or after the date of scheduled class, if the class already took place.  Please keep in mind each facility that teaches these sort of classes is separate, there is no way for us to give refunds if you paid for your class at another institution, paid someone not affiliated with us running around with a manikin somewhere on the islands etc.  All refund inquiries for prepaid classes must be made 24 hours prior to class start time.  Refund minus 15% booking costs may be expected on a typical booking.  This helps us recover some of the cost incurred for those who booked and rescheduled their appointment uncontrollable many times, before finally cancelling due to exhaustion.  We realize all that was hard work for everyone involved in the process.  Aloha very much.  Since we love everyone, we are happy to provide refunds and it's all good.  Depending on your institution, it will take a few days for the refund to appear on your credit card or bank statement.  There will be no refunds on eLearning course materials and course manuals, since that money goes up front to the certifying organizations, when we buy inventory trough mainland authorized distributors way before your class even takes place.  No matter what, please tell us what's up first, so we can help you.  Because we are not able to use our telepathic helmet to log into the Psychic grid to see where everybody is at any given point in time, who will show up, who is rescheduling, who is switching to a different class, who is running late, who needs refund or who said never mind.  If it was us, we would just click the mouse, pay for our class, show up the first time, take our class, pass the requirements and get our card.  It is all very easy and procedural.  But we realize there are just way too many proper procedures in the world, therefore we appreciate everybody and their way of doing things.  Its all a expression of personal freedom.  You only have one life.  Just be you, and don't ever let anybody tell you to be someone else.  We just want to save lives and bring this training to Hawaii public, no matter how killer the administrative part of all this gets.  With your help we keep pushing like the little choo choo train of the training industry,  going "I think I can, I think I can" and doing those compressions.  Thanks to you our little choo choo helps very substantial part of the Hawaii workforce.  Mahalo for your support.



Short FAQ:  We include the course manuals in our courses according to mandated AHA deadlines regarding 2015 guidelines materials.  Because we are an authorized AHA Training Center, we use only the most current course materials for each type of course we teach.  You get to take the manual home.  Because you are getting the Authentic Product, your funds for the Educational Products are directed to AHA Authorized Distributors where we buy these things by the barrel each month and not to Mr. Xerox Ma'Cine  and not to Mr. Download Free-man.  If you are buying a eLearning course through us, your text book is within the electronic course when you click the book icons. Yep, yes sirreee!  All that also go to authorized distributors for real kine educational stuffs.  Your local kine bucks cover the program costs such as all that, rest goes to offering way more better classes for public than Mr. Cheap Skate-Man and da gang, plus all the program expenses of doing this sort of thing in Paradise to actually help people.  Mahalo for your support.  

Piracy is a major isssue in the training market.  Those who have seen our battles to bring life saving training to Hawaii public know the story.  But to recap:  Once long time ago, Jack No-Spare-Penny and the Pirates of the Pacific ruled these waters, setting a price floor without the cost of all the required materials.  Them pirates squeezed and blocked the distribution channels so hardly anything could ever get through.  With the waiting lists galore, pirate armadas run the seas.  But to much dislike of all them buccaneers, Fast CPR got support from thousands of local folks, bought a few wheel barrels and, started bringing high quality real educational materials (Not the pirated stuff) from the mainland by the choke full, as Fast CPR taught all them thousands of wickedly good classes locally.  Now pirates have retired their swords and mostly gone fishing. We can teach our class, do what we do best, plus get everybody their educational materials when they take a class from us. 

So as a consumer if someone out there decides to give you a cheaper class by following in the foot steps of Jack No-Spare-Penny with the educational materials, please ask those that have been around during the reign of the Pirates of the Pacific what local folks had to go through back in the day to get into a class and get their cards.  Mahalo.



Class will go on even if we have one person signed up on the class roster.  We are not God, so we can never speak in absolutes and say your class will never get cancelled.  We are working on perfection (It is not that easy) and everything we do depends on us, plus other people and institutions.  Basically if you signed up for a class with us, you have nothing to fear.  Each year millions of people drive without accidents and millions of parachutes land without problems.  Although most facilities will consistently cancel classes with low attendance to keep from having to pay their instructors, we do not!  If it is on our online schedule, the class will be held.  However there are no walk-ins allowed, to attend a class you must sign up for it.  It is our policy not to cancel classes.  However certain circumstances beyond our control may cause a class to be cancelled.  This is as rare as snow in Hawaii.  Here are some of the conditions that have caused us to cancel classes in the past:  City wide electric outage that have caused most businesses to shut down in downtown Honolulu for an entire day because non of the office equipment, traffic lights or elevators were working;  National weather emergency that have cancelled 3500 fights leaving our instructors stranded in mainland;  Tsunami alerts asking everyone to move to a higher ground (Wait, in that case we just moved the class to higher ground, and the show went on because people had to get to work with their CPR cards the next day or face being canned from their jobs). We have been teaching classes in many cases when everyone else was closed or when they refuse to offer classes.  Therefore, we would like to think we will cancel a class only when Hell freezes over.  But since our classes are about saving lives, to save our or someone else's life we won't be there if it is a choice of life or death.  We will choose life always as we are sure, you would also.  Although these emergencies do not happen every day, teaching more classes in comparison to most over the years, have shown us that there is a statistical chance the major emergencies may happen.  When and if this happens, CPR classes are usually least of peoples problems.  But we will always do our part and make sure you are compensated.  Life will go on without interruptions.  



Short FAQ:  No!  Please take the right class your boss wanted you to take!

Long FAQ: 
If you are not sure, before booking a class call your boss and ask him: Dude what do you want my card to say?  "BLS " or "First Aid CPR AED?"  After that pick the right class Here.  We are here to help people, but still people can not choose a type of class to attend from the menu while relying purely only on our psychic ability to get them the right card for their purpose, without them knowing or checking with their boss what they need first.  Calling a zillion times and switching your class schedule all over the place also creates confusion, since you must remember what you are switching around each time and specify it.  So please make the right appointment and show up.  Keep it simple! Mahalo.



Please wait one second while we do our deep breathing, so we don't completely loose it and go berserk.  This is an actual question and many people ask it.  Makes us wonder what the heck is really going on out there in the training environment.  Yes you must take a class, be trained and demonstrate that you can do this stuff before you end up with a certification card in your hand.  That is what certification is all about.  Requirements are clear cut.  Those that we train can recite the stuff forwards and backwards when they are done with a class, and they can do the skills required.  There is no way around it.  What we do is very important to Hawaii. What we do is also so important to us, that we put together an organization like this.  Fast CPR makes a difference in Hawaii by putting an army of trained individuals into the Hawaii population.  We are busting our butts offering thousands of classes to the community and putting in more time, sweat, tears, effort, money and resources in comparison to most who teach classes.  Not everyone likes that.  Although we have a large following in Hawaii, we are not here to win a popularity contest.  We are here to make a difference.  So join the revolution, take a class and get trained!  



Short FAQ:  Go to this link and follow the instructions.  

Long FAQ:  Lost cards are a pain for everyone.  But we won't make you re-take your class like some places, because we keep accurate records.  We can locate your record and issue a duplicate card if you took the class from us.   If you took your class elsewhere, and your instructor or facility is no where to be found, or you are getting the run around from them, we can not help you because we don't have access to their records.  We need proper spelling of your first and last name and type of class you took.  There is a $20 fee.   Your new card will have the old expiration dates according to your class record with us.  If you want us to mail the card to you, we can do that or we will schedule a time for you to pick up your card at our office.  It may take longer to get your lost card replaced if some of the administrators are on leave and also during holiday seasons.   Please see our schedule here.  As we mentioned, lost cards are a pain for everyone.  Please do not loose your card!  Beginning of 2018, paper cards will be history.  If you have already received an eCard through us, that means your data has been turned over to AHA and upon claiming your eCard that eCard is accessable to you and the world you want to share it with.  If you got an eCard and you know you have claimed it, you can call AHA regarding all customer support issues relating to Ecards, 4:00am to 1:00pm Hawaii time or just look up your eCard at this link.



If nothing on our schedule works for you, we can schedule a special class for you at off hours. Special classes cost $10 extra and need to be prepaid with the credit card over the phone ahead of time since we will assign an instructor for you outside of his or her regular schedule.  If you are interested, please call our office and leave your contact information.  We will have an instructor call you back with his or her private lesson schedule to make arrangements.  Private classes are not available during Christmas season.



Best thing is to ask your employer.  Classes and cards issued are specific to the type of job you do.  You want to sit through the right class and get the card your employer wanted you to get.  In general BLS Provider classes (Used to be called BLS Healthcare Provider classes)  are for hospital/clinic personnel, nursing and medical students, EMTs, etc.    First Aid/CPR/AED classes are for all other professions; homecare facilities, personal trainers, yoga teachers, construction companies, CNAs, most nursing homes, Coast Guard, baby sitters etc.  Keep in mind that final say so comes from your employer.  We are not your boss, so we don't know which class you should take.  Please call your employer if you are not sure which class you need for your employment requirements.

If your job or school said to get a two men rescuer CPR card, they probably meant "Eh, go get a BLS card Bro."  BLS Class has one man rescue and two men rescue in it.  It is professional rescuer level CPR class.  BLS folks learn to give breaths with that football looking thingy you see on medical scenes in movies.  That means one dude is pressing, the other guy is in charge of giving the breaths.  As in the dramatic scenes in the movies, those guys rotate jobs efficiently switching every so many sets of pressing and breathing.  BLS also teaches a ton more things you are not required to learn as a lay rescuer.  Lay rescuer CPR means you are doing the CPR thing by yourself on the person.  You don't do the entire cool medical, team related stuff.  You also don't learn how to use the football looking thingy to give breaths and bunch of other things you learn in a BLS class.  That is what all that is (Ok, sort of), without making it a rocket science before people even walk into a class.  We realize industry is confusing enough for the consumer.  That is why our pages don't sound like a Ph.D. dissertation or some medical text book. 

First thing to know is that, we are tying to help you, all your friends and everyone on this rock that needs this training.  Second thing is, we are pretty good at all this, but still we have not yet developed supernatural powers to be able to tell what everyone needs.  Some people are more needy comparison to others.  The third thing is, we need some type of cooperation before we can help.  Some of this stuff is still on the person taking the class.  Some of that "stuff" include being at the right place at the right time, on the right island, on the right day on the correct month.  Do you know a friend or someone who can't get at least one of those things right on a given day?  If so please help us out and educate, so this CPR stuff can work, if someone shows up at the right spot at the right time.   As your public service organization, we would like to point out this CPR thing is about people being there for others.  But for starters, folks must make the right appointment for this sort of thing to be able to meet their job requirement and before all that can happen, actually check their own employment requirement.  Content we teach is specific to what your boss prefers you to know.   Does your boss want you to end up with a BLS Card?  or does he want you to end up with a First Aid CPR AED Card?  Did your school say to end up with a BLS Card and a First Aid Card (As in like, go get two separate type of cards)?  Or are you working two jobs with two requirements, one place says to go get a BLS Card for their requirement and the other place says to get a First Aid CPR AED card for theirs?  Talk to your Boss!  If you need more information on what all that is, the best option is to look up what CPR , what BLS, what First Aid, what AED stands for and read a paragraph on each to begin with.  At Fast CPR we don't write the book on this stuff, we don't make the educational products, we don't do the research, we don't compile the data and release it to public, we don't write the rules as to what type of class your boss makes you take.  Our specialty is getting training out to the masses.  We do this in Hawaii through our resources, through our 30 years of know how in the training industry accumulated from actually training real people in real classrooms and through thousands of local supporters just like you.  There are no prerequisites for our classes.  But, at the minimal we appreciate folk having some sort of basic understanding that BLS is different than BSL (British Sign Language), that DEA is a government agency and and AED is a shock machine.  Because some people actually call us and argue they need their card to say BSL and must come with DEA or else we don't know what we are saying!!!   Since we have taught thousands upon thousands of BLS classes; It gets really strange for us when people say, "I took BLS before somewhere many times, now do I have to learn CPR too?"  Large part of BLS is how to do CPR.  We want to have faith in the training services industry, faith that everyone uses manikins when they teach a class, buys those books etc.  Worst is "I am a professional, yup done it million times, yup Basic Life Saving (That is not what it means!), yup, the class with the bloody nose video (Nope, that is not it either!)."   We are not going to give description of these subject matters in our FAQ, because giving dry, technical descriptions don't accomplish jack squat either and creates more confusion.  Because when we say "Basic Life Support" on first sentence, the "Basic" in BLS, means "Oh that must be the simple one, Click that immediately" to some.   If that is not the class person needed, there went the life hours.  More life hours go if the person has to retake the class.  If we are saving lives for real, people have to have reason to read things and look them up! 

Why do you guys even care bro?  We are a local Hawaii organization with many goals.  Truth is, we are also the front line folks that take the phone call from those that look for a BLT card, Adult CPA Certification, they just said get a Aide class etc. in Hawaii.  Therefore, to be able to help everyone on the islands understand the training market, meet their job requirements, be able to work and survive the paradise; We have explained the difference between Bacon Lettuce and Tomato (BLT) and BLS to some of the consumer base in Hawaii thousands of times, even before they took a single class from us.  It all cool, we are a local 501(c)3 designed to train the public.  When we teach all this, we teach people self reliance and having confidence in themselves.  As people move up on their careers, self reliance becomes more important.  In certain career paths where this type of training is required, knowing the difference between I.U. (International Units) and I.V. is very important.  Okay, what we are saying is, we definitely wouldn't want to be stuck with 10 I.V.'s if we needed 10 I.U.'s of something.  We have nothing against the Porcupine, but all that simply is not right.  So for us this entire "life saving" business through education thing goes much deeper than that I.V.  In an emergency people need to be getting Basic Life Support (BLS), if they need that, instead of someone standing over them and giving them British Sign Language (BSL).  So yes, difference between BLT, BLS and BSL is important.  If folks are really calling for a CPA card for their job, there are plenty very good CPA's that take CPR classes from us.  In fact, some probably had a BLT sandwich for lunch.  But in order to help out everyone, we have to point out getting a card from a Certified Public Accountant to show the boss man simply won't work in the compliance industry.  Plus it is very difficult for other people to explain CPR training industry stuff on series of back and forth zillion phone calls right before making an appointment for others.  We are blessed and we are trying to help everyone.  But, to be prepared for our class, if you are not familiar with any of this, best option is to take the time to know what you are making an appointment for, ask questions to the people who are actually making you take this sort of class instead of asking all that to the people making your class appointment, get your answers ahead of time from your boss, your school or your compliance body (So they can tell you what type of class they want you to take), know what you need, know what you need actually is about and be sure about what it is called (A BLS class?  First Aid class, or First Aid CPR AED class which has layman CPR in it perhaps?), make the appointment for what you need and show up.  Better yet, just click the class you need and just book it online.  After that come to class without moving your appointment all over the place.  Get it done, move on and enjoy the rest of your day off from work.  Life is not one big drama, life is a good thing.  Time is not money, life is made up of time.  Stay alive, read your job requirements, read food labels (Because even your food is out to get you with all that salt and sugar unless you pay attention to food labels and other daily administrative details of life), enjoy the class at Fast CPR!  In the training services industry, our focus is on offering training to the masses!  Although your call is important to everyone out there, most people in the training services industry just focus on the product sales end of the industry and not the service end of the industry, simply because providing the training service is not that easy due to the actual human factors.  Glad to be of service, thank you for your kindness and Mahalo for your support. If you know exactly which class and thus which card your boss, school, credentialing body, government institution etc. want from you (As it is written on their paperwork, not just the best guess), here is the class schedule.  But if the company HR said "Eh!  Go to Fast CPR, they'll help you figure it out," then bless their soul, we will help you figure it out.  Mahalo for training with us.




Come as you are. Wear something comfy, pressing manikins is physical work.  No need to bring in brown bag lunch, tooth brush or camping supplies like some of those other places.  We pride ourselves in efficiency and effectiveness.  Therefore, your class will not feel like you are crossing the Sahara Desert on a camel.  However, 
please do not bring in screaming babies (If you are travelling with a kid, bring an adult to attend to them outside of our class).  Also, please do not bring the personal cheer-leading team or the whole family for moral support.  If you are travelling with one, boyfriend/body guard has to come back later.  Classroom is only intended for individuals taking the class.  No more the kine plate lunch please, our rubber dummies no like greasy hands on them.  We have a wickedly cool training facility like no other around, so no drinks on our super duper training area.  So basically just bring yourself, hopefully on the first attempt.  Rest goes pretty smoothly.  After your class be most excellent to one another.  Mahalo for all you contribute to the world.  



Short FAQ:  Not really.  But we reserve the right to have a vacation every now and then.

Long FAQ:  Our current class schedule and schedule announcements are posted online.  Teaching facility is open when classes are going on.  We take teaching CPR seriously.  Our call center operates 365 days a year, 24/7.  Also just like most corporations we work our management team to death, and make sure everyone is glued to their I-pad at the minimum if they are conscious and if they have a pulse (Humor people!).   If the management team passes out, we all know CPR, so we can get them back to working.  If the managers are breathing that means they are working the floor, cracking the whip and running the training programs efficiently as possible.  We work our instructors silly (voluntarily of course), we are open most holidays see our schedule of classes if you don't believe us.  But our instructors do get some vacation time, once in a blue moon, as posted on schedule announcements.   A
s an organization, Fast CPR never stops working.  However certain times of the year such as Christmas time, it becomes plain silly to offer classes when we have to compete with sales at Macy's, holiday parties and shopping center traffic jams, when 90% of our work becomes managing no shows, cancellations and reschedules.  Traffic is worse because mysteriously there is always construction on Kapiolani Boulevard. Therefore if your certification card is expiring during Christmas season, you might consider getting into a class earlier.  As everyone knows December gets a bit crazy for everyone.  So our December schedule is adjusted to put up with the craziness of the season, while helping everyone but keeping Santa from beating us up for keeping people out of shopping centers.  All kidding aside, actually Santa loves us.  Since we are not a competition for his  or his cousins business in Hawaii, all he has to say is good stuff about us, just like the thousands we have helped with our classes in Hawaii.  Plus his work shop stayed open because we trained all the little elves in a timely, efficient and effective manner, without delays, without hassles, so they could meet the elf workshop safety requirements.  Apparently, they tried the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, Future and even the Grinch,  but the surf was up and non of those guys even cared to show up.  (Ha, ha, that was a good one!).

Regardless, even during the month of December we teach more classes than Average Joe CPR Dudes will teach during an entire year (Or a lifetime).  But it's a free country, everybody is welcome to work that hard.  This is a labor of love for us.  There is plenty love in the world, and we are not scared of labor.  When you train with us, you have thousands of class options each year open to you as posted on our class schedule, or through scheduling a private class.  Thank you for your support.



Short FAQ:  We are a local kine organization, that was put together to help people who seek training.  We run programs to improve Hawaii's health, safety and employment outlook.  If you are done with that here is the class schedule, if you want to read more, you asked for it.

Long FAQ:  Fast CPR is a  local 501(c)3 non-profit organization promoting Improved health, safety, and employment outlook of Hawaii's People.  
 Our strength comes from the people we serve.  We run a bunch of programs that at are aimed to make a difference in Hawaii's current and future outlook when it comes to everyone's health on the Islands and everyone's survival on the job market.  Staying alive in Hawaii is everyone's right.  But just staying alive on the Islands doesn't cut it, therefore we promote life and growth.  We teach a lot of classes to reach the public.   What about the name?  Heart attacks are the number one cause of death in our state.  Fast, Efficient, Effective CPR saves lives.  Prevention is the way to go, but when it really hits the fan, people need to know how to do effective, efficient, Fast CPR.  But if it is so important, everybody is fussing that you must know it, shouldn't there be an actual facility out there with enough resources that offers thousands of classes to the public, puts an army of trained people out there and trains the heck out of the Hawaii population each year?  Actually there is!   It is us, FAST CPR!  We say we teach the heck out of this place, because we do train thousands each year, and we do make a difference in Hawaii.  Check out our online schedule if you don't believe us  or read about some of our programs below.   Our organizational focus is on reaching as many people as possible in Hawaii to teach them how to do CPR effectively and efficiently.  We do this by providing superior customer service, and offering as many classes as possible, by training as many people as possible.   We also promote eLearning courses of those big certification organizations as the "Fastest way to get trained" as they want us to.  We feel that since CPR itself has to be the most efficient thing ever to save a life, so should be getting into a CPR class.  Our logic behind this is based on following:  Instead of being given false sense of security, people should be taught CPR skills effectively.  Learning CPR should not be regarded as punishment by slow torture that people have to endure for their job requirements every two years (Yes we stick to the rules, but we make sure we are not CPR robots with TV remotes - People appreciate human feedback, and having real teachers teach their class!).  We feel, receiving CPR certification should be almost as efficient as receiving CPR itself - If you have to wait three months to get it in the mail, it just doesn't work for people! We feel, CPR education should be about educating others about CPR and not another agenda like selling gadgets and other goodies besides educational stuff.  Because of this we even name our projects appropriately to reach various markets and target our approach.
  We also feel CPR training should be based on creating competency for being able to do effective CPR (For this we use educational content, course materials, course outlines etc. from cool Certification Organizations and comply with their rules).  

To do all of this, we maintain a very well equipped training facility in Downtown Honolulu and a staff of highly trained professional instructors.  We also have a fully staffed call center that operates 365 days out of the year 24/7.  Each month we train hundreds of individuals in CPR, BLS and First Aid at our downtown Honolulu training facility.   We make a major impact on Hawaii's work force and employment outlook with our programs as we help individuals meet their employment training requirements effectively, without worry, without anxiety, without doubts about their future and without suffering.  We help people get into CPR classes as fast as possible when they need them, through FAST CPR CLASS Project.™ We are Hawaii CPR industry improvement advocates that has saved the livelihoods of thousands in Hawaii by getting them into a CPR class and getting them a CPR card in a timely manner, through the FAST CPR CARD Project.™ 
We help Hawaii business so that they can be compliant according to their industry requirements.  We can train your employees at our office, or travel to various locations through out the island of Oahu through FAST CPR Mobile.  We support businesses as they help us spread CPR education and awareness statewide through The Adventures of Joey™ and we showcase strengths of each business to Hawaii population.     If you want us to teach CPR to all your employees or members of your group and don't care about a certification card, you can sign up for a Reality Based Challenge, a Preparedness Presentation or we can set up a Custom Challenge/Presentation for your institution.   We educate public about extreme emergencies with our FAST CPR Prepared™ classes for businesses.  We run programs to mentally prepare people to take action in an emergency and work as a team through our FAST CPR TOUGH™ principles.   We encourage people to become at least physically fit enough to be able to do CPR to save others through our FAST CPR FIT™ programs.  We are on the cutting edge of the technology in Hawaii' education environment, promoting use of online technologies in CPR education with FAST CPR ONLINE Project™  We act as the information liaison in the media in Hawaii when it comes to CPR education.   We are sought after by local broadcasters, have been featured on KGMB, KHNL and many other local sources and promoted CPR education statewide and continue to do so on an ongoing basis.  Although we work with several government agencies, we are not part of the federal government. We are an independent entity that is organized and exists as a nonprofit, tax-exempt institution pursuant to a charter granted to us by state of Hawaii, that has passed the stringent requirements of federal government for 501(c)3 status (Verify).   We receive our financial support from voluntary public contributions, grants and from cost-recovery charges for some of our services,such as health and safety training courses.  So to make long story short, in essence we are just like those other multi-billion dollar gigantic non-profit institutions that offer CPR training programs, disaster relief education, blood drives etc. nationwide, except we are a smaller Hawaii chartered organization.  Therefore our cost recovery charges for our classes are much less than those usually charged by gigantic entities.  Also, unlike those gigantic entities since we do not spend millions in administrative expenses, we have the organizational resources and staffing power to offer thousands of classes to the Hawaii community each year instead of one or two classes here and there.  If you would like to take part in one of our classes please see our class schedule here.  If you would like to become a corporate supporter please contact us,  you can see a list of some of our international supporters.    You can donate to our cause, we appreciate your support.   Contributions to FAST CPR are tax deductible.  When we teach classes, we also support Certifying Organizations through purchasing their educational materials, using them in our courses and selling their course manuals at at our cost through FAST CPR BOOK DEPOT™.  Use of course materials does not mean sponsorship by a Certification organization, as clearly stated in many parts of our website, only income to them is from the Course Manuals used during our courses.  Likewise, FAST CPR does not receive it's funding from book or educational material sales.



Hawaii is an international place, every other person speaks a language or two or three and sometimes four.  
Our phone operators will communicate only in English. We can teach you the class content in English, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, and can understand you and communicate the material to you if you speak Russian or half dozen other languages that are related to the languages we have listed.    From among our staff and volunteers, if need be we can get someone to help us out in class with Filipino or Indonesian.   Fast CPR trains clients from all parts of the world at it's headquarters.  We are well traveled and have no problem teaching Chinese, Japanese and Korean Speakers.  We have been to these places as we ate Judo mats, and did other cool specialized stuff for pretty close to half a century.  So we can relate as well as communicate.  International communication is not a problem for us and d
oing CPR is about simple effective, efficient physical labor, not about fancy talk.  Class content is easy enough and will not require superb English skills.    We provide "reasonable accommodation" for anyone to take our class.  But reasonable means reasonable.  Stuff we teach is not rocket science, and it is not brain surgery.  The videos have close captioning, we have plenty visuals to explain the material and a ton of written material we can use to reasonably accommodate.  Our goal is to help.  If someone want us to do head stands to try to accommodate, although that is not very reasonable, we will still try to do our best.   We can even set up a private class to accommodate you.  Command of English language is necessary to work most jobs in Hawaii.  Although people can survive by staying only within their ethnic groups without speaking English in Hawaii, English is necessary for English speaking job environments for employment success.  If you need to learn English, Fast CPR™ comes to the rescue to improve your chance of survival and increase your chance of success by offering you Workforce English Classes.  If you need that, contact us and we will get you in touch with an instructor.



 Wow thank you.  Yes!  You can take classes.  You can send us all your coworkers and friends.  You can tell people about us.  You can donate to our cause.  You can volunteer.  What you do matters, so go help people and make this world a better place in your own way.  But you must start.  Along the way your faith will make things possible, but it it won't make things easy.  Remind others that Life Saving Training Industry is actually about saving lives of Humans.  In a world where "Saving Lives" is used as a marketing cliche by practically every industry for nearly every product and nearly every service marketed to public; It is good to have a fresh perspective.   If viewed from a certain angle, yes even plastic saves lives.  You have probably seen that TV commercial that is put out by the worlds largest plastic producer.  The commercial talks about the medical equipment made of plastic that saves lives as they show heart warming images of children, families and the family dog.  At Fast CPR, although we are not easily convinced to make consumer purchases just because of cute images of puppies, non the less we still appreciate everyone.  We even appreciate those fine folks who make all that plastic for the world.  Our CPR Manikins are made of great plastic, that will out live us and stay on this earth practically forever.  However, we feel plastic humans that have no heart and no soul, should have nothing to do with life saving industry or education and training industry.  Lack of compassion of a cabbage belongs in the grocery store isle.  One day corporations driven by artificial intelligence may run the world, and make decisions only based on bottom line.  Common saying is "Retail is king." In education and training industry, we feel service to mankind is more important.  Although we buy all kinds of cool robot manikins that blink lights etc., for now this is not about cyborgs helping cyborgs or robots doing their best for biological entities.  Our industry is about one human helping another.  Concepts we teach are simple, someone needs your help, you make the call and physically help them.  This stuff is likelier to work best if  people care, care to take action and really take action.  If no body nokea, then what the heck!  Therefore our organizational concern is not only how this stuff will get done, it is also about if this stuff will get done.  In a kick'em when they are down world, as an organization put together to help people, we would like to emphasize the human qualities.  This is so that people will know that if they need CPR, they are likely to get it from their fellow human beings, instead of getting assaulted when they are down on the ground or having their wallet going missing.  In a society where, "You snooze, you loose" is a catch phrase, and where many feel it's their fully justifiable personal right to "seize the moment;"  Imagine what can potentially happen to someone that closes their eyes involuntarily.  We can all have cheesy smiles and not talk about these things.  Perhaps some prefer the emotionless, big cheesy grin with perfect teeth, plastic robot approach, and may even tell you that is "more professional."   But we think people understand the realities of modern society, and appreciate a 501(c)3 organization that can openly mention these issues.  If you ask us "How are you?," we assume you mean it, so be ready to hear the truth.  Do you really want to help us?  Join the army of people we train, then learn the defensive tactics as to how you are going to keep away from all of this first to begin with.  Your number one defensive tactic is your good health.  Stand your ground, put up your dukes and keep your health, definitely don't give it up by choice.  Your tools for defending your health are your knowledge and your will power.  Learning the technique of the ten foot pole also is very nice for distancing.  That way you can hold a big stance, keep things that are bad for your health such as excess sugar and excess salt away from you with that ten foot pole.  If something gets passed the ten foot pole defense and becomes a habit, you can kick the habit too. Targeting, aim and focus are all very important, decide what you are kicking.  Kicking the habit may take more work in comparison to kicking the bucket.  In our life time we have seen many who have said "I will die before I give that up."  If you study the fundamentals of it, there are many ways to kick that habit - linear straight on, or circular.  If it is about defending your health, legs also have a pretty good reach.  Plus one can not run away from their problems, but they can run away from double fudge ice cream brownie.  Your will power is the most important tool of defense, stick to your health plan!  We don't only mean the one you keep paying premium for.  Ok, we get it, commercials are great.  We even love all those people who make commercials.  But please don't buy into the concepts like the "low calorie lard" is not lard, because the advertising said it's vitamin enriched and dust size serving of it is just a few calories.  So please do eat the darn apple, instead of the enriched and improved, better than original apple.  Knowledge is power if it does not go through bunch of transformers to reduce it down in voltage.  Learn stuff related to health and wellness.  People have been studying health and wellness for thousands of years, there is knowledge out there that can help you.  However a lot of it is not commercially viable, there is no way to attach a product to it in a massive way, so it is not promoted and it all requires self discipline.  If everyone that bought a gym membership actually showed up, there would be no room to stand.  That's why the gym membership is relatively cheap.  So, save, save, save and after all those savings, might even get miles on the treadmill.  Those miles may improve one's life, instead of the miles gained on the credit card, breaking a sweat from all the shopping.  After all that, you must understand the ranges of defense, short range, mid range and long range.  So you must defend the health of yourself, your family and the society.  That kind of campaign usually takes your fellow troopers be in the front lines, so as your local organization - If you join forces with us, that is great.  We care that you take care of your own health and well being.  So, if you are on the life plan to live life, make sure it's not the deferred life plan.  What you want is the whole life plan, without too many missing holes in it.  What counts is today.  Life is made up of moments, time is not money it is actually life.  However, many rules of money actually apply to life:  If you are not careful, you can waste it or have someone else waste it for you.  Everyone will tell you where to invest it, but only you know where your life should be invested;  Well at least people figure that one as the clock ticks.  With life you can never tell how much is left, and there is no credit system so people can't over spend it.  Some prefer to borrow on capital of life through stress, anxiety and unhealthy life style but they end up paying the compounded interest later with their health.  Your good health is your number one asset, so it requires asset protection.  That sort of thing requires people to be their own "body" guard, besides paying others to protect their assets.  Life is short.  Once it's pau, that is that. Eh!  Enjoy life!  Everyone wants happy people around them.  Contribute to the happiness of the world.  If you are happy, it all comes back to us one way or another.  We are a different anomaly in the training industry, we are not the robo-cop, the retailer, the gadget-ator or the fancy talking walking medical dictionary people may be used to, we are just simple people that want to teach good classes that meet Hawaii's unique demands for timely and effective training.  Appreciation begets appreciation.  We put this organization together to help people and the individuals that work here are very dedicated to that cause.  Besides having a hard core, core group of people; As we grow, it becomes necessary for us to to hire others to help us.  If someone we hired does not live up to the high standards we set for the two decades in Hawaii on timeliness and service, or someone does not put out the effort  the way we have been putting it out since the beginning, you got to let us know.  Your feedback is appreciated. 


Disclaimer:  Opinions expressed on this website present the view points of FAST CPR and no other individual, corporate entity or other 501(c)3 organization.  No animals were harmed in making any of our websites, no plastic bags were used and we did not cut any trees.  In fact we hugged bunch of trees and asked them, if we really should go for this online publishing thing before we went off and published thousands of web pages, talking about taking action on health and wellness.   Trees were totally okay with that.  Our goal is to educate, entertain and train the heck out of the entire population, the way we have been doing it for the past two decades in Hawaii, without being bunch of mechanical robots.  We are headquartered in Hawaii, where people totally value Human-ness.  So sorry for not looking like the Corporate presence on the Internet Kine CPR folks, where everything is made from a template including those cheesy smiles.  Out of respect to the musicians of the word, we are not going to only dance to that cheesy stayin alive song.  Way better music have been composed since then.  We are not going to stick our fingers in our ears and answer "saving lives" to every question asked to us.  No need to state the obvious to make some type of point, it is a CPR training organization for Goodness sake!  If you were looking for stock photos of the family and family dog, so sorry.  No more that one either.  Everyone has seen that one and enough of that one already.  Everybody also knows doing good is better than looking like doing good.  We give people credit for having human qualities, having intelligence as consumers to make informed decisions and for having a sense of humor.  It is all a good thing, thousands who have been trained by Fast CPR think so too.  If you are easily offended, please put all that aside,  when someone needs your help call the emergency response system and actually do press on someone's chest if they need CPR.  If that offends somebody, just know you are doing the right thing.  Thanks for your support.  Mahalo.