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When we teach classes, we support Certifying Organizations through purchasing their educational materials, using them in our courses and selling their course manuals at zero mark-up through the FAST CPR BOOK DEPOT™ to our students and instructors.   We also make these manuals available to the general public on demand at only a slight mark-up over wholesale to cover only our expenses so the manuals can be purchased at prices offered by mainland authorized distributors, without the usual local price gouging and ridiculous mark-ups, without the regularly expected shipping wait times and without the regular hoop jumping associated with getting a CPR training manual in Hawaii. 

Books are part of every segment of education industry.  If you take classes at any type of school for any purpose, it is very likely that you will be sold a text book.  It is not a conspiracy.  Text book industry is where ever education industry is.  Books enforce what you learn in class, assist in self study and provide easy reference. 
Using Educational Materials during CPR courses (or related courses) is a requirement set by Certifying Organizations.  In most cases it is mandatory to use course manuals. 

We called around asked a lot of questions and talked with everyone that comes through our doors.  Our own informal market research in Hawaii indicated that REGARDLESS OF CERTIFIYING ORGANIZATION large number of training providers around the Islands do not use or carry training manuals.  Reason given to us for this is the cost associated with purchasing, maintaining, and managing inventory of manuals and the fact that many consider shipping of manuals to Hawaii too expensive.  Individuals we contacted as we called around indicated that they don't have the time to wait for manuals because business flow keeps changing.  They said it is difficult to gauge when a class should be offered, or how many people should it be offered to based on the dates when the manuals might arrive from mainland.  Many indicated because they are not sure who may or may not show up to a class, they are stuck with carrying bunch of manuals place to place, so they stopped buying manuals after a while.  Some told us there is no profit in selling manuals, so therefore they just don't carry them because carrying manuals makes no business sense. Some instructors told us there are no such manuals in existence for certain classes, when in reality  there were manuals.  Some people told us not to worry about a manual, and "Bring in what ever Kine" (Which also means from who ever!) "Because manuals keep changing anyway and they just change the cover."    Some individuals even told us they considered having to buy manuals a waste of money.   Our research over all indicated most people who teach a class do not have the resources to spend on maintaining a workable inventory of manuals, except for some of the established facilities.  Some people we called actually had manuals but tried to push manuals to us as an add on with other products to be used during a class, with all kinds of scare tactics so we would buy manuals only from them at astronomical prices.
In summary, our research into the Hawaii CPR education market indicated that we had to step in and take action for our community to make quality educational materials available locally,
on demand,  at fair prices, at massive quantities;  Just like we have done with our CPR classes!

We have resources to buy course manuals of various Certifying Organizations.  We have means to assign staff to inventory management and to manage inventory electronically.  We are not a for profit business.  Therefore, although we don't make money on the educational materials or course manuals, we have means to move them through our office.  Since we are one of the most visible and highly supported providers of CPR training in the State of Hawaii with a large following, we also have means to get a lot of manuals to hands of the public.  (That does not mean every instructor or facility in the State of Hawaii should say, we don't care just stop by and get a manual from those guys before you come to class.  We are not a Authorized Distributor for these manuals, manuals are offered at price we buy them only to people who get trained through our facility.  All others will have to be charged slightly over wholesale to cover expenses.  We will not make a profit.  But we will make sure we are not sinking the boat while trying to help people).  When we buy them, books and manuals are purchased from a Certifying Organization, or only from Authorized Distributors for these types of Certifying Organizations.   We do not buy manuals from other sources besides authorized distributors and we do not carry used manuals.  The Manuals usually change every five years.  So the manual you use for a class must be current.  We only carry the most current manuals.  Our inventory of books and manuals acts as a local source for our students and Hawaii community that come through us for classes where they have access to these manuals without usually associated waiting times, high shipping costs or extremely over inflated prices offered by some class providers that actually do maintain an inventory of manuals in Hawaii.  

Manuals are available only to our students and instructors at the prices we buy them.  All others will be charged slightly more to cover their parking validations or other purchase related expenses.

Local pickup on Oahu only.  Manuals will not be shipped.
(Sick of storage?  Schools, businesses and government institutions may also contact us regarding their annual book usage, so we can have inventory available to pick-up for them on demand).
All calls regarding Books and Manuals Should be directed to (808) 457-6124.  Please do not call our class reservation line.

*Income from course manuals do not represent income to FAST CPR
Course Manuals are bought from, and sold with the permission of Authorized Distributor for a Certifying Organization. Only mark up added is for covering the expense it takes to get the manuals to hands of the public in Hawaii.

FAST CPR is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to CPR education in the State of Hawaii.  FAST CPR is not Certification Organization does not produce or sell its' own manuals.
FAST CPR BOOK DEPOT™ is a Hawaii CPR Education Industry improvement project run by FAST CPR through volunteer efforts, without financial gain.
We don't make money from course manuals.   But, we work very hard to make sure everyone has access to quality CPR educational materials locally through our Book Depot.

FAST CPR BOOK DEPOT™ and CPR BOOK DEPOT™ are properties of Fast CPR Inc.