Want to make a difference through education and training?  Making a difference takes showing up and it takes doing!
We showed up and we did it for decades.  Learn from the actual FAST CPR folks, who have taught thousands of classes to the Hawaii population!


Thank you for your interest in the American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor Course and/or Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Instructor Course with FAST CPR.  Fast CPR is a Hawaii Based, federal government recognized 501(c)3 community organization and also a training center with American Heart Association.  We are committed providing our course participants with the highest excellence in education and training industry, based on FAST CPR educators experience gained through teaching in all levels of the us educational system and through our experience accumulated from providing training to Hawaii's largest corporate and government institutions.  Plus, with FAST CPR, excellent educational materials are not just a add on, just an option or nice to have's.  AHA educational materials are part of every single AHA course we teach.  Not only that, the educational materials actually get to go home with you!

Instructor Course Details:

Instructor courses are available on ongoing basis, with course start dates daily as posted on the calendar of classes.  First Day of instructor class falls on a weekday, the second day of class is usually on the following Sunday.  If you are interested in becoming an instructor, you may call 548-7711 ext 3.  Instructor course require prepayment on our course sign-up portal.  This is the first sign of wanting to make a commitment to becoming an instructor, rest of the process will take many other commitments of time, effort and also hard work.  Instructor course takes minimal of two days to complete, but in some cases may stretch over several weeks until all the requirements are met by the individual instructor candidate.  First Day of class is simple orientation and attendance in the provider courses where the student gets familiar with the material they will teaching.  The BLS instructor candidates must successfully pass the skills tests and the written exam with the score of 84% or higher.  Provider cards are always issued upon completion of the class.  After the day one is complete, there will be homework and study assignments.  Allocate about 10 hours of study time before day two.  Day two typically starts at 9:00 am on the scheduled date and will cover all the details and processes of functioning as an instructor.  Instructor candidate requires course monitoring within 60 days of finishing the instructor training.  There are annual dues for those that decide to stay an active instructor and follow through with their teaching goals.  First years instructor dues are included in the cost of the training.  The dues for instructors are $100 each year there after, this only applies to those who decide to stay an active instructor.  All instructor candidates are required to purchase the AHA educational materials associated with their instructor course through the Fast CPR Book Depot.  Besides traditional classroom courses, the Instructor candidates are required to complete online versions of the courses they will be teaching using AHA products purchased through Fast CPR class sign up portal.  Fast CPR considers familiarity with the online product and online content as necessary component of the instructor candidate's training, because instructor candidates will be responsible for distribution of these products to their students later on once they become instructors.  Online learning adds to the efficiency of course delivery.  It is a mandatory requirement to include course materials in a course, therefore we are required to hold our instructors accountable for doing so.  


 Completing an Instructor Course offered by Fast CPR does not guarantee employment by Fast CPR.   Fast CPR reserves right to require higher credentials, years of teaching experience, customer service background etc. from Fast CPR Educators teaching at Fast CPR Headquarters.  Further more Fast CPR has it's own in house propitiatory systems for training it's front line personnel and customer service crew that is way beyond the scope and time limitations of an instructor course.  Fast CPR name, logo, brands, propitiatory processes, propitiatory systems, in house software and other materials are protected by US and International Copyright Laws and may not be used by anyone without written permission.   All instructors are required to adhere to dress code and other protocols of Fast CPR when they teach classes.  Our happy, easy going, low stress approach is to appeal to students from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and provide best training possible in a friendly environment as we train an army of Hawaii population according to high standards we are required to adhere to and according to Fast CPR's experience gained through teaching thousands of classes to Hawaii public.  Behind the scenes there is absolutely nothing easy or easy going about what we do.  Instructors should always keep in mind they are considered the special forces of the training industry, with commitment, extra push and dedication to get the mission accomplished.  Therefore our expectancy levels from instructors are extremely high.  If you require a hang loose, low output, low effort approach as an instructor in the education and training industry, perhaps we are not a right match.

Educational Materials:

Fast CPR does not receive it's funding from sale of educational materials.
 These materials are offered to Affiliated Instructors and Training sites at prices Fast CPR purchases, ships, processes, inventories the orders from mainland authorized distributors.  All Instructors and Training Sites affiliated with the Fast CPR Training Center are required to distribute the AHA educational product associated with the courses they teach to their students.   To provide accountability, all materials must be purchased through Fast CPR Book Depot using the assigned Instructor or Training Site code.  We can not take peoples word that the materials are being purchased and used.  Course manuals can not be banked or re-used for multiple students.  There must be a required educational product purchased through Fast CPR Book Depot, and distributed for each student trained in a course.  Fast CPR does not align or provide support to loose cannon instructors that manipulate the class price floor in the Hawaii training market, who cut costs through not providing educational materials and other required items to the students they train.  Those intending to teach should take into consideration there are educational material costs (Which get directed to authorized distributors through Fast CPR without profit), equipment costs, timely record filing requirements, facility costs and many other aspects to deal with if you are intending to be an active instructor aligned with Fast CPR training center.

The required AHA educational products for purchase and distribution from Fast CPR Book Depot include:
  • Printed course text books.
  • Electronic course text books.
  • E-Learning courses.
  • Instructor manuals.
  • Course DVDs.
  • Instructor update courses.
  • Any other AHA product that may be required by AHA in the future.
Educational products are available for purchasing and distribution to Affiliated Training Sites and Affiliated Instructors through the entire State of Hawaii through Fast CPR Honolulu Headquarters.  We do keep track.  We also make sure our instructors and training sites are held accountable.

Record Keeping:

Affiliated Training Sites and Affiliated Instructors are responsible for record keeping of each class and student through Fast CPR record management portal.  Fast CPR does not accept paper records, all records must be filed electronically.

Manikin and Equipment Rentals:

Manikins and equipment may be rented only by Fast CPR Affiliated Training Sites and Instructors.


Question:  Can I do this on my kitchen table?
Answer:  Fast CPR does not affiliate with instructors that use the conventional Kitchen Table teaching approach in Hawaii.  Logistics of kitchen tables are different in Paradise.  If you are living in Hawaii and if you have a kitchen as a separate room that is actually big enough to fit a real kitchen table, that most likely already means you are living in a million dollar property.  On top of that, if you have a real kitchen, plus enough parking to accommodate more than your car, bro surely your dwelling is worth at least several million dollars.  If your kitchen is in a residential/commercial zone, where you can legally do this without breaking zoning laws, in that case might as well seek a food permit to start a Musubi shop on the side as well.  Anyone with those sort of resources to work on a real kitchen table (that belongs in a real kitchen), should be able to afford to rent space for their classes or at least to be able get a third job in Hawaii to pay for it all.  We hate to burst people's buble, but all this will take a heck a lot more than a manikin and any old flat surface.  

Question:  Can I stuff bunch of manikins in my car and go to people's houses to teach?
Answer:  Fast CPR does not affiliate with instructors that teach at other peoples residences.  Don't even ask why.  Use common sense Bro! By the way, that one dude is not our guy. 

***Use of AHA Educational Materials in a course does not mean sponsorship by AHA.  Only funds received by AHA are from the Educational Materials.
***Fast CPR does not print, sell or distribute it's own educational materials and has no interest in that.  Awesome educational materials are awesome.  Pure educational awesomeness has many awesome components.  Fast CPR makes a difference by teaching awesome classes, that makes a positive change in Hawaii's Health, Safety and Employment Outlook, all while using awesome educational materials to teach those classes.   Thank you Hawaii's awesome people and Mahalo for sending us all your friends.

Now stop reading about it on the internet and sign up, because action is the only thing that gets things done in life.